If you're tiring of the present throw-away pop culture, join Quietland while they trip through a spectrum of emotion, honesty, reflection and guts with music influenced by artist as diverse as Blackfield, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Porcupine Tree, Nick Drake and Anthony and the Johnsons.


“Output 1 might just see them reap the rewards that they definitely deserve for the music created here. Very nice…. As a five piece, Quietland have all the ingredients needed to make some good tunes and they don´t disapoint here… 9/10”
Allan Bannerman, PowerPlay Magazine, March 2008

"... the bands epic strides are well represented... The acoustic flourishes on “Shade Of Black” are wonderfully presented and when the band really do get into a progressive gallop on “I’m Tired” you begin to get a real taste for their hybrid of Seattle / MOR / New Rock sounds..."
Emily Slowlie, www.manchestermusic.co.uk

“Quietland´s real potential...distinctly in the footsteps of Blackfield...”
Andrew Latham, Room Thirteen

"... Quietland are a special band, this is clear from the moment that the first track begins to play. Their sound is fresh yet familiar, with influences such as Jeff Buckley clearly recognizable... ’Output 1’ is bursting with pristine, well produced, and harmonious recordings... a talented band, and deserve positive notoriety, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for them... With Quietland you have no sense of security, these talented musicians can take the auditory senses almost anywhere..."
Goldie Stewart, www.subba-cultcha.com

"...what an album!... In a nutshell, Output 1 is utterly brilliant. It ebbs and flows with a confidence... We genuinely believe, after hearing this, that Quietland could be leading the way for Manchester music for years to come..."

In 1997, a group of teenagers met, started writing together and found it to be a good partnership. Good enough to still be going a decade later in fact.
Ten years on they're still writing together, and bring the love, life experience, maturity, and proficiency to their music that only time can bestow.

matt : writer, guitarist, lyricist & vocalist : smith of subsumed, frank words

gareth : writer, guitarist & producer : turning sound into cohesion that's at times warm, sometimes spiky

nick : pianist, arranger & inventor of sounds : carefully inventing and reinventing within each refrain

louise : bassist, classically trained instrumentalist : bringing an underpinning harmony, and attitude when needed

eddie : drummer, veteran session player : relatively new to the group at 18 months tenure, bringing the noise and plain speaking

So if you're tiring of the present throw-away pop culture, put your feet up, put your head phones on, turn the volume up, and join Quietland while
they trip through a spectrum of emotion. They bring you honesty, reflection and guts contained within music influenced by artists as diverse as Smashing Pumpkins, Nick Drake and Antony & The Johnsons.


Quietland - Output 1
Debut album on BabyBoom Records