Quiet Parade

Quiet Parade

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Honest, unabashed, simple and endearing, Quiet Parade is "All-Canadian indie-pop for the bleeding heart" (SoundProof Magazine - Toronto, ON)


A member of the East Coast rock 'n roll powerhouse Sleepless Nights, Trevor Murphy takes a step back into a more reserved atmosphere with his solo project Quiet Parade.

Mixing elements of pop-rock songwriting with unabashed lyrics, the music channels bands such as Low, Hayden and Sun Kil Moon as well as the influence of artists/producers such as Elliot Smith and Phil Spector alike.

Recorded in a cabin on a lake in Yarmouth County over five days last summer with producer Daniel Ledwell (In-Flight Safety, Jenn Grant, Share), Quiet Parade's new album, Please Come Home (We Hate It Here Without You) is the most stripped down and heartfelt effort from Murphy to date.

From the subtle timbres of the haunting "Buying Time (A Hymn)" to the alt-country affection of the "I Will Try," to the start-quiet/end-loud movements on tracks such as "Bury My Bones" and the single "End Of Days," the album encompasses candid glimpses of searching for meaning, settling down, and longing for those who have left (or are about to leave) your life.

[*PLEASE NOTE* - Quiet Parade can perform full band or solo sets.]


Please Come Home (We Hate It Here Without You) - April 2011 [Format: LP]
This House Is Haunted - August 2010 [Format: Digital Release]
Labour Day - August 2008 [Format: CD]