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Killed My Pussy

Written By: Qui Etshy (Aaron Day)

Killed My Pussy Lyrics
by Qui Etshy (Aaron Day)

I killed my pussy last night
'Cause the urge has been growing strong
I gave it to my pussy last night
It just kept going on and on

I tried to satisfy its wants
I tried to satisfy its needs
I tried to give it every little thing
That a pussy finds necessary

But it was useless (useless)
It did no good (no good)
I tried to please it
In every way that I could (every way that I could)

You're killing me
Waking me up in the night
You're killing me
Calling out with those cries

I killed my pussy last night
Although, I didn't really mean to
'Cause once I got to going
Frustration was my only cue

I beat it
I grabbed it
I strangled it cries
I choked it
I handled it
I wet from my eyes

It was nasty, it was unleashed

I kill pussy [2x] / I killed my pussy [4x]

My pussy's been driving me crazy
My pussy wouldn't stop annoying me
My pussy kept crying out for me
And I accidentally
Lost control and went crazy
Reacted with pent up energy
Directed my forces angrily
And I killed my pussy

I killed my pussy [4x]

All the lack of sleep you caused
Drove me to the edge (the edge)
It's not that I'm an animal (like you)
I'm the opposite instead

Please forgive me [4x] / I killed my pussy [4x]

I'm bad, so horrible, I'm terrible, so bad [2x] / bad, bad, bad, bad [8x]

Now what am I gonna do?
Now that I've gone and killed you?

Run, Run, Run, Run [2x] / I miss my pussy [8x]....

I couldn't take it and I killed my pussy
Everything I tried wouldn't tame my pussy
In an effort to please my pussy
I accidentally lost control and killed my pussy

I kill pussy [2x] / I killed my pussy [4x]

Chorus [2x]

[Outro with mixed layers of previous lyrics]