Quietus is a unique brand of punk/rock and pop/punk that combines radio marketability and intelligent songwriting to form a sound to please any music fan.


Quietus: A finishing stroke; anything that effectually ends or settles; resignation.
This Hollywood quartet’s name serves as a constant warning to its members: Never settle. Always strive to be better. If you take this philosophy and apply it to a mediocre band the result is still mediocre. However, if you apply it to Quietus, a band of naturally talented musicians, there is no limit to what they can achieve. They are one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets.

Quietus is often compared to bands like Story of The Year, Brand New, and The Ataris, but their sound is certainly their own. Their songs have an honesty that is characterized by a perfect synchronization of words and music. It’s an honesty that immediately pulls the listener in and gives them something that they can't help but relate to. Their blend of punk and rock has brought them a multitude of live dates including two east coast tours as well as the opportunity to share the stage with The Junior Varsity and Jamestown Story (formerly known as And Then I Turned Seven). Quietus (under their previous name, Straitlaced) also recorded their last E.P. ‘Should Sky Fall’ at Long Island’s Vudu Studios where Hopesfall, Emanual, The Chariot, and many other note-worthy bands have recorded.

“Sing-able melodies, lyrics that could break your heart, … these guys have it all” -Jennifer Mattern (Audioxposure.com)

Quietus has music in their blood. It is evident not only in their inspired songwriting, but also in their pedigree. Twins Dan and Andrew give thanks to their grandfather, jazz great Charlie Parker, for filling them with a natural talent for making music. It would be an understandable mistake to assume that all of their hard work makes for less fun, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Beneath the startling relatability of their songs is a foundation of rock that is especially apparent when they play live. Quietus is a band that converts crowds into fans with each of their no-nonsense, high-energy live performances.

“[Quietus] rocks and has fun while doing it.” – Justin Charles Harlan (Crapfilter.net)

Quietus has set the bar high for themselves, both in terms of their artistic integrity and their musicianship.

One gets the sense that Quietus is on the verge of something big.


Selftitled EP (2004)
Selftitled EP (2005)
Should Sky Fall (2006)

Set List

1. Opener
2. Start Over
3. Secret
4. Butterflies
5. A Break In The Clouds
6. Epic
7. Live - Love - Fake