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I am the soul of poetry's ambiance. I write poetry for people who normally don't like poetry. I do hip-hop for people who say hip-hop is dead or they are tired of the monotony of the industry. I am the heart of every true artist. INKified Inc. HOLD FAST TO DREAMS!


Currently a matriculating senior and also current poet laureate at Winston-Salem State University, ”Quill” has been in love with the artistry of the spoken word since he was nine years old. Writing and performing for crowds of hundreds by the age of twelve his work has grown in the depth and range of an “old soul”. Now 21, Quill is one of the most notable poets in the North Carolina region and recognized as a veteran poet in the spoken word community. Quill’s ability to motivate his generation has captivated audiences throughout the southeast and beyond. Featured at the 2005 National Black Theater Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Quill’s electrifying style has opened for such national acts as Disturbing Tha Peace and Def Jam R&B recording artists “Shareefa” and “Meagan Rochelle”. He has become known for his remarkable stage presence and natural ability to seamlessly combine poetry with a heavily hip-hop influenced delivery style. A recipient of the 2001 Charlotte Culture Calendar Youth Artist of the Year Award, he has performed for and been well received by legendary hip-hop icons such as hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam recordings. With content compared to that of the legendary Gil Scott Heron as well as The Last Poets, Quill’s own tribute to the revolution they birthed, his poem “Beyond the Revolution” proved him to be a force to be reckoned with on the spoken word circuit. Not just another watered down voice for today’s contemporary pop culture, Quill’s passion for his art form is evident; his poetic, prophetic style has all the makings of a great writer and great performer that will take the world by storm.


Everything I Am

Written By: Quill

My vocal
Is so cold
It controls those
Who don’t know
My soul glows
When flows flow
From my chords
Like bows thrown
To face and back
I’m on track
The pen is black
So when my rap is slowed
The motion is loco
Like hypes in haphazard hotels
I overdose on flows
And crush foes like toes
Rolled over by Olds
Cheerio grind money
Go O for O
No love
I loathe these hoes
That go for dough
Cause I’m broke
But my soul glows
Like a rose gold rope
These blokes know
The mass of my vocab
Cast me in a class alone
I blast a poem
Like dro to the zone
I’m so blown
I spit it
I’m so Skoal
I’m frigid
I’m so cold
In how I deliver
What I’m livin
Through the gift that I’ve been given
Not many punch lines
Cause every line that I write or rhyme when I recite is showboatin so official
I’m so focused
Zoned in like a missle
Fa shizzle my nizzle
When get wit a Bic pizzle
I sizzle
Like trees drizzled into the spliff
As soon as it’s lit and hit a little
These bizzles swear they hard but they fickle
Swear they large but they little
Skittle rainbow niggas
I don’t feel em
I just kill em with a consonant
I don’t spit knowledge
I vomit it
I’mma get
As buck as I gotta get
For you to see that I’m sick
And have no choice but to acknowledge
Yes, I’mma college kid
But the pump in my palet dumps hard
Niggas better get lower than a Honda kit
The lava out the moutains pit
Doesn’t get as hot my saliva gets
When I spit
I spew
An inferno so huge
I lose myself
I know the haters are there
But the destiny I’m faced with is so big that it’s blocking my view
If niggas knew what I knew
They’d prolly still hate me
The way that they do
But nigga fuck you
My swagger retains the stature of the scholars in Timbuktu
I put my fist in the air
And bust two
Poems with enough potency to cut through
Any difficulty that may ever rush you
I’m ol’ school
The closest thing to classic to come out since they dropped Crush Groove

Pain Is Universal

Written By: Quill

They say pain is universal
But I say your universe is personal
And who am I to gauge the way you react to all the vices that may hurt you?
Let me be the first to
Introduce you to the reality
To which your momma birthed you
Where the world’s view of you
Upon further review
Is constituent to the hue reminiscent of the Earth’s dirt
That makes you
You see, we all make certain assertions
About particular persons
Maybe to us they’re worthless
But to them they’re just hurtin
Searching for someone who’s willing to search them
Cause they’re not sure how to do it themselves
They delve into their own despair
Taking in each breath of air as if they’re not sure if they deserve it
They see us gather to worship
The superficial
Turning their hearts brittle
And they wonder to themselves if their issues are even worth it
We slowly grow into hope
Not all of us are perfect
Though we often walk tall and seldom complain at all
Our walls fall when the door to our heart is propped ajar
And peeking in we can see you curl up and begin to bawl
Cause on the outside you’re never at fault
And your persona’s hardly flawed
But the thoughts of suicide inside are hardly Godly
It bogs down so hard
You crawl to a corner
And sprawl across the floor
And staying alive
In your eyes
Is like simply begging for more
All you want is some peace in exchange for your long war
After a while you lose direction
Like sitting blank on the receiver
After forgetting what you called for
Or missing the mark
On a test you studied so hard for
Eventually you start to second guess what it’s all for
You can’t bear to see
The image staring back at you in your reflection seen
Running from your self like a coward runs from beef in southeast D.C.
Packs up and moves to Waldorf
Hope hangs from hesitancy
To embrace your true legacy
Cause you have yet to see
That though you feel you’ve made a mess of things
There’s something inside of you that makes you a blessing to every soul you meet
There’s somebody
Thinking about you right now
And you might not feel like a million bucks right now
Or think anybody gives so much as a fuck right now
But there’s some body longing for your touch right now
Some one deciding not to call you
For fear you won’t pick up right now
They say life is what you make it
There’s light in the tunnel
Change is so near you can taste it
So close your eyes and bite down
Hold it dear and embrace it
Love may have made you chase it
But don’t be afraid to try now
Pain is replaced never erased
It’s okay to cry now
That’s why I pour my heart into everything I write down
Maybe an inference in my delivery
Will deliver me like I hope it’ll help deliver you
Please consider me just as I’ve considered you
I figure you’d at least remember me
If I take the time to give to you
Maybe you’ll be a friend to me
If you see I’m a friend to you
The pain aint just in me
The strain on the brain is reciprocal
They claim I’m losin weight
They say stress can affect your physical
So when I say my patience is thinning
People should take it literal
Some of us are walking around miserable
Sick to our stomachs
Cause into it our hearts plummet
When it feels like everyone is just plain sick of you
Chucked full of love
Searching for someone to give it to
And the lack of communication
Is the only thing you’re letting limit you
They say life is love
Love is life
Yet somehow we’ve managed to split the two


The Great Awakening Spoken Word Mixtape: 2004
The Reformation Spoken Word Mixtape: 2005
What You Asked For Mixtape (Hip-Hop): COMING SOON!
Growth: The Album- COMING SOON!

Opened for:
- Slick Rick (Ziggy's- Winston-Salem, NC- 2007)
- Saul Williams (Winston-Salem State Univ.- 2004)
- Shareefa (Metal Rebel Winston-Salem, NC- 2006)
- Meagan Rochelle (Metal Rebel Winston-Salem,NC-2006)
- AfroFlow Tour (ft. Mike- E, Hot Sauce, D.J. Invisible, Sowande Keita- Winston-Salem State University- 2007)
- Hip-Hop Forum (Keynote Speaker: 9th Wonder)

ACUI Regional Individual Poetry Slam- winner (University of Tenn.- Knoxville, TN)
ACUI National College Team Poetry Slam (Eastern Michigan- Individual Rookie of the Year

Lecturer- Poetry and Performance (Winston-Salem State University- 2006)

Set List

For Spoken Word venues I've done everything from a 5 minute set to a 90 minute presentation. Usually I do about 5 poems and have fun with the crowd in between. Depending on the venue I may close out with a verse from the "What You Asked For Mixtape". I usually do alot of crowd participation, so I may leave the stage depending on the set up of the venue