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Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Radio Broadcast on 99.5FM The Mountain"

Please visit the following link for our radio broadcast on 99.5FM "The Mountain Homegrown Show", originally aired Monday, March 31st.

http://www.clickcaster.com/resource/Ultrachronic/2008-03-31_The-Mountain-Homegrown_Quillion.mp3 - Radio Broadcast

"Alt-Indie: Quillion [EP]"

Sunday, June 1, 2008
by Dave Preston

Quillion should be proud of themselves. They have released an EP that captures the essence of the group. Lead vocalist and guitarist Keny Karnisky fathoms the relationship between lyrics and melody very well, making the foundation of these songs easy to build upon. With a solid structure beneath their feet, Quillion is ready to color in the sketch of each track. Amanda Ray provides beautiful piano arrangements and gorgeous, yet haunting, harmony lines equal to the melodies. With an undivided rhythm section featuring Geoff LaPlant on bass guitar and David Blue on drums, the tracks come alive with stunning dynamic presentation, which guide through ephemeral valleys and mountain tops. Make sure to follow Quillion and mark the day when the full-length album hits the Denver scene. - Colorado Music Buzz magazine

"Thank you!"

Thanks for playing the D Note on Saturday! What a sexy bunch of musical talent! - The Dnote

"Quillion - To The Hilt (Review)"

Published September 15, 2009

Tackling the concerns of adulthood with more lyrical maturity and originality than most bands, Quillion proves it is possible to express one's pain and disappointment without a vulgar display of melodrama. To the Hilt's opener, "Take a Bow," is a disarmingly delicate number with bell tones accenting the rhythms and Amanda Ray's most emotive performance of the album. "Sour Grapes" starts promisingly enough with swaying dynamics and counterpoint melodies but ends up going in more conventional directions. "Two Thieves" ends the release on a graceful note, with the band bringing together a combination of grit and an interesting mix of balladry and the confessional in Ray's vocals. Although the songs admittedly have a more modern-rock sensibility, Quillion often sounds timeless. - Westword, Tom Murphy

"Quillion: To The Hilt (LP) - Review"

Published October 1, 2009
by Charlotte D. Aberrant

I attended the Quillion CD release show and obtained my copy of the LP at that time. Let me first state a few things that stand out to me about this music: the haunting combination of Amanda Ray and Keny Karnisky’s vocal harmonies, and the precision in which the musicianship is executed. That being said, I found that I enjoyed the music far more live than I did on the recording. On the recording, it seemed almost too sterile. I don’t know; possibly I’m just a sucker for a good live show, which Quillion definitely accomplishes. Some key tracks that struck me on this disc, though, are “Airplane” and “Hurt You Back.”
- Colorado Music Buzz

"Launching to greatness? Quillion releasing new CD, hopes for band "world domination"."

Published August 21, 2009
by Gene Davis

Getting one person in a band who can sing can be hard enough, but recruiting two talented singers in one outfit can be darn near impossible.

Somehow, though, pop-rock outfit Quillion has managed to pull it off. The Denver band that is celebrating its album release party this weekend features two talented singers — Amanda Ray and Keny Karnisky — who help the band stand out from the crowded pop-rock field.

“Not only does (having two vocalists) split up the work, but it gives you a lot more variety in the sound,” Karnisky told the Denver Daily News. “It gives you your masculine and your feminine. I think it works well.”

Karnisky and Ray came into contact with each other through the Denver Music Board. The veterans of the Denver music scene added bassist Geoff LaPlant after meeting him at the D-Note — an early supporter of the band and the location of their CD release show — and drummer David Blue, who they also met through the Denver Music Board.

After getting asked by people at shows if they had any albums out, Quillion decided to record a collection of songs at Module Overload Studios.

“We wanted to develop the sound of the band [and] write a bunch of good material before we bothered to record it,” said Karnisky. “Once we got those songs together, we figured it was time.”

The finished result shows a band still in its early stages but with the potential to go somewhere. Their debut album mixes pop and rock into a style that could easily find a home on adult contemporary radio.

On songs like “Sour Grapes,” all of the elements come together in the form of harmonies, universal lyrics, well-played piano and a good ear for melody. If Quillion can build upon the parts that work, Karnisky’s goal of band “world domination” has a chance to become a reality.

“We’ve been taking it slow and trying to develop a good following,” Karnisky said. “We’re a great band that’s just about to start doing wonderful things, and people should hear it.”

"Wonderful People and Band! A Must see for all you Colorado Music lovers!!!" - Denver Daily News

"Quillion debuts new album at DNote"

By Megan Quinn
Published August 20, 2009

Quillion guitarist Keny Karnisky lives just blocks from the music venue that strengthened his band's Arvada roots.

On Friday, Aug. 21, Quillion will return to the D Note for the CD release party of their new album, "To the Hilt." Karnisky, along with vocalist Amanda Ray, bassist Geoff LaPlant and drummer David Hesker spent a year working on the album.

"It's really exciting," said Ray before band practice one recent afternoon. "Some of the songs came to us really quickly, and it was this really organic process."

The album has been a long time coming, but several incidents that seemed to hinder Quillion at the time became blessings in disguise.

"To the Hilt" started as a four-song demo, but recording halted when Ray got sick and had to have her tonsils removed.

While she recovered, the band wrote more songs, then decided to go ahead and record the "new stuff" along with the four planned tracks.

Their fully-developed album combines Ray and Karnisky's vocals with strong guitar riffs and up-tempo piano melodies.

The D Note was the perfect venue to debut the album, they said. All of the members had performed or worked at the venue before.

Karnisky said he has a special connection to the D Note, too.

When he and his wife Jennifer moved to Arvada, they walked by the D Note with their then-infant daughter Zoe. When employees invited them in, they shook their heads.

"I was like, 'Are you kidding me? We can't come in here, we have a kid,'" Karnisky said, laughing.

When the couple found out how often young children danced to music and munched on pizza at the D Note, the Karniskys became instant regulars. Jennifer now runs Baby Boogie, a weekend event for parents and young children to dance and play.

"The D Note will try anything, and they're very accepting," he said.

Karnisky also have great things to say about the other bands on Quillion's bill for their release party. Cody Crump, The Stigmas and Mechanical Dan will take the stage throughout the night.

With busy schedules to coordinate and summer activities to cram in, Quillion hasn't been able to play as many shows as they would like.

"It's been a while. It's exciting to be back," said LaPlant.

- Arvada Press


Full length CD, "To the Hilt" - 2009



Comfort food for the ears, seasoned with a melancholy dose of Tobasco.

Originally formed as a side-project in the summer of 2007, the gregarious foursome of the band Quillion found themselves drawn to each other through their shared love of such musical influences as Porcupine Tree, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Radiohead, Garbage and many, many others. Within a matter of weeks, they began playing live shows filling-in at their favorite local hangout. Each member, nary a performance rookie, soon realized that their side-project was no longer on the side of anything. Drawing heavily on their rock, pop and progressive influences, Quillion has impressed audiences with melodic riffs punctuated by a duo of lilting vocals. These veterans of local Denver bands Rider Beware, SkullFlux, and the Melanie Susuras Band, are ready to present to you exactly what a Quillion is!