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Quills is captivating. A lyricist with an infectious presence; he has the unique ability to draw audiences from various backgrounds as well as being considered a rapper's rapper.


"Before reaping the rewards of summer's sunlight, the moon guides you through the palace of winter's bitterness..."

Quills is a ghost. Defining the often-enigmatic emcee is not a particularly easy task. Compare it to taking a photograph of the most beautiful landscape you've ever seen, only to be disappointed by its outcome as you realize you were trying to capture more than what translates into print.

A solo Hiphop artist from Canada, Quills is the embodiment of lyricism and storytelling. Born David Sabourin, and raised in Montreal, he came of age in Winnipeg's cold heart before returning from exile to reclaim Montreal as his kingdom. Cursed by the absolute need to create, and blessed by that very same virtue; "Dreamcatcher" is his manifesto, spawned from the purest place in his soul.

This truth in words - an eight chapter short story - is coupled with some of Canada's premiere talent. Including collaborations with producers Fresh Kils (Mad Dukes, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, The Extremities), Muneshine (Pete Rock, DJ Spinna, D-Sisive), DJ Manifest (Muzion, Koriass) and more; "Dreamcatcher" reads as an eerie war story of a soldier visualizing the battlefield.


Even prior to any publicly released sounds, Quills has received some impressive nods for a debut artist; being awarded the "EP/Commercially released single" grant from FACTOR Canada for the "Dreamcatcher" EP as well as a "Viral video" grant from MuchFACT for its title track and introductory single.

Doug Bohay, artist management for Last Gang Entertainment, attests that Quills "has crafted a fierce and honest debut, that beams with quality production, vocal execution and refreshingly inspiring lyrics."

Having being billed throughout 2013 for a host of live performances, including acclaimed festivals such as Le Festival MEG, Under Pressure, and POP Montreal, the future appears to be promising. Welcome to the awakening...


"Reflections" - Single - 09.04.2012
"Dreamcatcher" - Single - 11.06.2013
"Dreamcatcher" - EP - 29.10.2013

Set List

Always ready for anything from 15 to 35 minute sets. Adjusted based on the venue and overall mood of any given show.