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"CD REVIEW--Hispanic Magazine"

Quimbombó, Quimbombó (Testa Dura Records). Renowned bassist Andy González is a special guest on this celebration of elemental Cuban forms featuring leader and percussionist Nick Herman and ace sonero and guitarist David Oquendo. Spare arrangements, roots-respecting rhythms, and prominent roles for tres and trumpet create a relaxed mood of heartfelt sabor tropical on tracks like “Hijo del Siboney” and the inquisitive “Sluggo.” - Mark Holston

"CD REVIEW--Editor's Pick: Descarga.com"

Editor's Pick:
The Cuban son spirit is alive and well and nourished by Quimbombó, the band founded in 1995 by bongocero Nick Herman.
With interpretations of Cuban classics ("Hijo Del Siboney," "Quimbombó") plus a few original tracks including the montuno-blues "Sluggo," Quimbombó is a testament to the timeless beauty, drive and shear pleasure of the son.
Produced by bassist Andy Gonzalez (Conjunto Libre, Fort Apache Band etc.), who also contributes to several of the tracks here. Excellent vocals by David Oquendo.
Highly recommended. (BP, 2004-04-20)
- Descarga.com

"Toledo City Paper"

I dare you to sit still while Quimbombo is on. This Cuban combo will keep you gyrating and smiling all the while. Comparisons could be made to the Buena Vista Social Club, but these tracks have more of a dance-jazz thang going for them. Again, you likely won’t understand a single word they’re singing, but it doesn’t matter, the rhythms will carry you. But take heart, gringos: “Sluggo” is an original composition dedicated to the evil character who used to squash Mr. Bill on the old Saturday Night live shows. Isn’t it nice to know that we do have an effect on our neighbors? - Toledo City Paper

"Quimbombó, soneros de New York"

Quimbombó is a creative New York-based band that plays traditional Cuban son. The American soneros are led by percussionist Nick Herman, who studied with Cuban masters. The lead vocalist is Cuban musician David Oquendo, who also plays guitar. The rest of the musicians are American and Latin American instrumentalists who are very active in the New York City jazz and Latin music scene.

The group shows a deep passion for traditional Cuban son. This is substantiated by the fact that six of the seven songs are classics from the Cuban repertoire. The other two are original pieces by band leader Nick Herman.
- World Music Central


Here's the deal. I remember when Nick Herman was a student of Bobby Sanabria. I remember when out of the blue Nick started to put together sextets comprised of an interesting mix of students and local hired guns to gig around town in local dives and water holes. Quite a few of them very classy I might add! They were the kinds of holes that you see from time to time in glamourous scenes from Sex and The City. Anyway, I remember having delusions of trying my chops with Nick's group. Never actually having the guts to ask because they were just too good! I was basically afraid of messing up the complex simplicity that, at that time (5 years-plus ago) was Nick's Quimbombó. Today, I'm extremely happy to say that such complex simplicity is finally recorded for the rest of the world to enjoy. Quimbombó's repertoire for this their first offering is mainly made up of very traditional Cuban music and songs. They are pretty much along the lines of a Buena Vista Social Club - only better... Quimbombó's style while very traditional, it is still very danceable... Very New York danceable. Think Buena Vista meets Conjunto Candela. There's an unwritten rule in music that says "never do a classic unless you're adding something to it". That something better be something good I might add, and Quimbombó does meet and exceeds such adage. Two items before I close out this entry. I just figured out why I was so afraid to try my chops with Quimbombo: "Sluggo" and "Arroz con "Salsa". Some of life's best things come is small packages! Who was the genius that said that? - NestorLouis.com


Quimbombo es una nueva agrupación, que para este primer trabajo, nos hace una muestra de la música tradicional cubana. Nick Herman, su fundador, es un percusionista de origen italiano, siempre inclinado hacia la percusion, descubriendo la belleza de la música cubana atraves de la convivencia con la comunidad latina en New York. Este primer trabajo es producido por Testa Dura Records, propiedad de Herman; el albúm fue originalmente grabado en el 2002, pero fue finalmente liberado al mercado en el 2004.
Originalmente la banda usaba pianos, pero Herman decicido prescindir de el para darle un sabor mucho mas tradicional a su musica.
El cantante de Quimbombo es David Oquendo, quien, como ya sabemos fue nominado al Grammy latino con Raices Habaneras. La presencia de David le da el toque final a este trabajo, pues su voz realmente nos transporta a la Cuba de aquellos años.
El productor de este trabajo fue el conocido músico, Andy Gonzalez, quien ha jugado un papel muy importante en los últimos años apoyando a las nuevas generaciones.
- LaConga.org


SON RISING Percussionist Nick Herman and his Quimbombó group will impress Cuban son fans with their electrifying improvisations on salsa, cha cha cha, bolero and a descarga. The genre of son was made popular by Conjunto Chappotín in the 1950s and experienced a resurgence with the 1999 theatrical release of the “Buena Vista Social Club. Jun. 13 and 20. The Door Lounge, 508 Ninth Ave., between 38th and 39th streets. 7:30 p.m.-10:30 p.m. - NY POST--Tiempo

"Album bellissimo (in italian)"

Recensione: QUIMBOMBO ( QUIMBOMBO) - Album bellissimo, che ci propone, in chiave moderna, il genere tradizionale della musica cubana, il son, e che ci consente di far assaporare questo splendido genere musicale anche ai salseri, che riempiono le nostre piste e che purtroppo non sono abituati ad ascoltarlo. Lo stile di questo album infatti è fresco, orecchiabile, sposa la tradizione con la modernità e il risultato è mirabile. Il titolo della produzione deve il suo nome ad un brano di son montuno scritto negli anni ‘50 da Luis Martinez Grinan( Lili Martinez), il pianita del Conjunto Chappotin. 6 brani sono la reinterpretazione di classici del repertorio cubano, come " Hijo del Siboney" e " Yo no soy mentiroso". I brani " Sluggo" e " Arroz con Salsa", sono invece originali. Direttore della produzione è Nick Herman( anche bongocero) e leader del gruppo è il chitarrista David Oquendo. Gran bel cd davvero, tutto da gustare e da ascoltare, per gli amanti della tradizione cubana, ma per chi ama la buona musica in generale, lontana dalle solite sonorità commerciali, più di qualità insomma. Se ascoltate il brano " Asi quiero vivir", non potrete fare a meno di godere!!!! By Changuito dj! - Salsa.it


Quimbombo'--released 2004 on Testa Dura Records. They are currently finishing work on a second CD, "Conga Electrica" to be released in mid-2008.

Radio Airplay:

National Public Radio: All Songs Considered (Open Mic)


Miami, FL: WDNA-FM

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CHARTS: Latin--August, 2004 Majestic Latin CD Pool
LOS ANGELES, CA: KXLU-FM August, 2004 Top 20 hit parade
TAMPA BAY, FL: WMMF-FM August, 2004 Top 20 hit parade
DENVER, CO: KUVO-FM August, 2004 Top 20 hit parade



Quimbombo' is a groove oriented band--their mission is to get the crowd moving. The band's musical base is the Cuban son and the clave; recently they have been adding more and more drums and Brazilian elements to their sound. Quimbombo' always maintains strong elements of improvisation and spontaneity in its sound.
Quimbombo' (pronounced keem-bohm-BO) is the title of a classic Cuban són popularized by Conjunto Chappotín in the 1950's; a word of Congolese origin, it means okra in Spanish.

Some past gigs include: Lincoln Center, SOBs, the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Museum, La Belle Epoque, Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Sweet Rhythm, The Blue Water Grill, Sarah Lawrence College and Bennington College.

Nick Herman (director, composer, arranger, percussion) has been involved with Cuban music for over 15 years. He began performing as a rock drummer in the 1980s at venues like CBGBs and Pyramid. In the 1990s he began to immerse himself in Cuban and Brazilian music, studying with masters such as Changuito, AfroCuba de Matanzas, Bobby Sanabria, Jorge Alabê, and Roberto Vizcaino. In addition to Quimbombó, he has worked with artists such as Trey Anastasio, Gary Morgan & Panamericana, Nanni Assis, and Dendê.

David Oquendo (lead and background vocals, guitar, percussion), a native of Havana, is a highly accomplished and respected interpreter of many diverse styles of Cuban music. In Cuba, he rose to fame performing with the late Compay Segundo, one of the vocalists featured in Buena Vista Social Club. Since moving to the United States, he founded the Latin Grammy-nominated folkloric group Raices Habaneras and has worked with many top artists including Paquito D’Rivera, Cachao, Willie Chirino, and Marc Anthony.

Igor Arias Baro (lead and background vocals, percussion) was born in Havana. The son of musicians, he began performing at the age of eight. Known for his energetic style of improvising, he has worked with artists such as Juan Carlos Formell, Raices Habaneras, Paquito D’Rivera, Los Caribeños and Ibboru.

Steve Gluzband (trumpet, flugelhorn), a veteran of the New York Jazz and Latin scenes, has recorded and performed with artists such as Celia Cruz, Ray Barretto, The Talking Heads, Tito Puente, Machito, Marc Anthony, Nelson Gonzalez, The Chicago Symphony, and the Jet Set Six. Currently, Steve performs with a variety of New York artists including Johnny Pacheco and Jimmy Bosch.

Alex Fernandez Fox (tres, vocals, percussion) was born in New York City to Cuban parents, and began his musical training at age four. He has directed the band Kfekonleche and performed and recorded with artists such as SonSublime, YeraSon, and Frank Bambara.

Ricky Salas (congas, vocals) a native of Panama, has performed with many major figures in Salsa and Latin jazz, including Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Bosch, Juan Carlos Formell, Albita, Danilo Perez, and Gilberto Santarosa.

Arun Luthra (tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, clarinet) is a performer, composer, and arranger and teaches at the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music. He has shared the stage and recorded with many prominent jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and pop artists including Bobby Sanabria, Bobby Porcelli, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Bobby Short, and Ray Vega.

Jorge Bringas (bass, vocals), a native of Havana, began his professional career at the age of 16, playing with Buena Vista Social Club star Omara Portuondo. After relocating to Miami in 1997, he begun working with many of the top Latin artists in the U.S., including Albita, Celia Cruz, Manolin, and Juan Carlos Formell.

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