Quimby uses character drum, percussion instruments, guitar, bass, keyboard instrument, sleekly used mixed modern electronics and finally but not for the last trumpet. Troubled, intensive, vibrating, sensitive, dynamic, tragic, humorous, often tragicomic world.


Quimby has been one of the most important groups of the Hungarian musical arena during the past decade. This Hungarian band with a history of over 15 years has become the essential main stage concert group of the domestic musical festivals, one that cannot be by-passed. And equally importantly by today Quimby is a formation, whose records, music and lyrics cannot be ignored.

Through its career Quimby has released 8 records, many of which was awarded the 'Record of the Year' title in Hungary. In addition the band received several other prestigious art awards in the past years; while Tibor Kiss, singer and guitar player was named as the 'Lyricist of the Year' by Artisjus - the Hungarian Copyright Office.
Quimby is also known for the great pleasure it takes in venturing to the border terrritories of music and other fields of art - they are active participants of theatre performances, and have composed music for several Hungarian movies.

For year after year Quimby has enslaved newer and newer generations with its authentic art, that is at the same time clever and ingenious, deliberate and instinctive, deep and good-humoured. The band's music also bears the characteristics of really important performances: it is enduring and transfers stable values while it can speak to various audiences; thus - for different purposes though - it can be equally important to a number of different people.


As perfect strangers

Written By: Tibor Kiss, Livius Varga

All over the world
the time is the same the time
when we are changing
New ways to find
old ones to blame
just save a smoke for the morning

I could cry, cry for the Savior

for I hope every evening t
hat my flame sleeps away
and the whole wide world
is an ashtray for me in the morning

As perfect strangers
I wear down the world
meeting bad angels
down on the earth

Under the sky the scene is the same
we sin and then comes the praying
Wounded girls wounded games
they try to keep on playing

I had a tale and I had a partner
but now they're gone with the night train
There must be a wind up or down under
that shows me the right way

As perfect strangers
I wear down the world
meeting bad angels
down on the earth

Fellows, it seems
I'm losing the flame
and running out of dreams
with the morning train

Make it double

Written By: Tibor Kiss, Livius Varga

It's time to het a bit crazy
This night is a devilish child
Come Lady, come get dizzy Hey!
Come with me honey rip this night

It's time to jump in a limousine
This time is brimming with life
It's a rush, you better get more kerosine
Come with me for a burning ride

Hey brother make it double! '
Cause who knows how long your can
Please don't ever mind the trouble just like me

This time I feel like Willy
Willy Shabby was a fatalist boy
When the end came he wasn't shilly shally
Hey! Come with me Willy boy just once more

Its time, go cross the river
Cross the Styx with the ferrymen's ship
The other world is just another bummer
If you pay at the devil's inn leave a tip

Hey brother make it double
'Cause who knows how long you can
Please don't ever mind the trouble
live a life that's worth to spend

You just never know what's coming
Squeeze out every drop you can
If the bad fate cuts your running
you'll always have your rest


Family tugedör (Family Together - CD and DVD)
Label: Tom-Tom Records (2006)

Kilégzés (Exhale)
Label: Tom-Tom Records (2005)

Káosz amigos (Chaos, amigos)
Label: Universal / 3T (2002)

Morzsák és szilánkok (Crumbs and Splinters)
Label: Universal / 3T (2001)

Ékszerelmére (Haven's sake! - CLINCH)
Label: Universal / 3T (1999)

Diligramm (Loonygramme)
Label: PolyGram / 3T (1997)

Majom-tangó (MonkeyTango)
Label: PolyGram / 3T (1996)

Jerrycan Dance (Jerrycan Dance)
Label: PolyGram / 3T (1997)

A Sip of Story (A Sip of Story)
Label: Maffioso Records (1993)

Set List

Its set usually takes one and a half hour. Their most common - freequently played songs are:

Viszockij visszhangja
Homo defektus
As Perfect Strangers
Country Joe McDonald
Fekete Lamoure
Autó egy szerpentinen
Legyen vörös
Mennybõl az angyal
Kaviár és bor
Sehol se talállak
Crazy Train
Don Quijote ébredése