With a mix of various styles from reggae to funk, Quimi's debut pop rock album will rock your ears while speaking to your soul about the tender love of Jesus Christ.


In a world full of empty beauty, false satisfaction and deceit there’s a search going on for what is real. Real hope, Real peace, Real joy, Real love.

At the age of nineteen, Quimi (pronounced "kee-mee") pours out her heart and soul through rocking vocals and a guitar to show what she knows to be real. “In the past few years of my life, I’ve found out that there are a lot of things I don’t know...” Quimi says smiling. “…but I can tell you two things that I have found out that I do know: Jesus Christ is the only real love that I have ever known and He has a real plan and purpose for my life and for your life.”

The soft-spoken yet enthusiastic singer/songwriter is stepping out for the first time with her self-titled debut CD. She has been writing songs for five years and playing guitar for four years but singing was not always in her plan. Quimi played tennis for her entire life until she turned 16 when she officially put down her racquet to pick up the guitar. Quimi says, “I started playing tennis when I was four and when I was nine I started playing in tournaments every weekend. Tennis was what I did and it was what I thought I was going to be doing my whole life.” Being ranked in Northern California and Nationally, tennis was in Quimi’s plans but God had other plans. She started singing in church when she was twelve years old and when she was fifteen her parents bought her first guitar. Immediately, Quimi started learning to play worship songs and writing her own songs on her new guitar. “Although it was a hard decision for me and my family, we knew that God wanted me to quit playing tennis to start playing music.” Quimi recalls.

Driven by charismatic vocals, Quimi’s debut CD is an eclectic compilation of heartfelt songs seeking after Christ’s heart. Produced by The Katinas, this CD contains ten songs; seven of which she wrote, two worship songs and a song written by former ZoeGirl, Chrissy Katina. The Katinas’ voices lace a few of the songs while also being featured in the worshipful “All For Love”. Other tracks include a jazzy “All I Need”, a reggae-fused “Send Down Your Rain” and a funky little tune called “Speak To Me”. Quimi wrote the Spanish rock song “Y Sigo” while she was in Mazatlán, Mexico and it voices our need to know God’s purposes for our lives. “Breakaway”, written by Chrissy Katina, speaks of the need to leave the past behind and embrace the grace that God gives to all in Christ.

“I’m so blessed to be able to worship God through music and give back what He’s given to me.” Quimi expresses, “My prayer is that as people listen to my music, it will inspire them to seek God’s purpose for their lives and live wholeheartedly, on fire for Him.” As this CD showcases the range of her music, it also displays her passion for singing songs that convey the simple message of truth fighting to be heard in a world desperately trying to find answers.


All For Love

Written By: Mia Fields

All for love a Father gave
For only love could make a way
All for love the heavens cried
For love was crucified

Oh how many times
Have I broken Your heart?
Still You forgive
If only I ask
How many times
Have You heard me pray?
Draw near, to me

Everything I need Is You
My beginning my forever
Everything I need
Is You

Let me sing all for love
I will join the angel song
Ever holy is the Lord
King of glory, King of all

All for love the Savior prayed
Abba Father have Your way
Though they know not what they do
Let the cross draw man to You


Written By: James Katina & Chrissy Katina

Broken record spins again
Same old story different day
It’s my bed that I’m making
Running from my conscience
I keep trading my inheritance
For nothing
To be something I’m not

Cuz I’ve lied
And I’ve tried
To put on a front,
To keep up the smile
But I can’t
Perform anymore

Why can’t I
Forget the old me?
Wash away that life
Cuz it’s over and done
Amazing Grace
I’ve found in You Lord
I wanna change
And take off these chains
I wanna breakaway

Deep within these prison walls
Your voice echoes out for me
To trust You
And without a shadow of a doubt
I know I’m helpless here
Without You
To set me free

I’m ready to see and feel I know this is the truth
I gotta breakaway
I wanna breakaway
I’m ready to start again and follow after You
No matter what it takes
Cuz it’s a new day

Why can’t I
Forget the old me?
Wash away that life
Cuz it’s over and done
I gotta breakaway


2008 - Quimi S/T

Set List

A typical set consists of a mixture of worship songs, original songs and often times even some spanish worship and original songs. Blended together, the purpose of each set is to create an atmosphere to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ in a fresh, new and real way.