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"Alaniz to perform downtown"

By Fiona Chin
Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quimi Alaniz, a graduate of Turlock Christian High Class of 2006, will be performing Saturday at the second installation of the Get Down Downtown Concert Series.

“Trina called my mom while I was in Nashville. We had been praying for opportunities for me to get to play,” explained Alaniz. “I was excited because coming back from Nashville, I saw that the Lord provided me with opportunities which was really cool,” she added. Alaniz traveled to Nashville for the purpose of recording her new album which will be released next month.

The recording opportunity came about when Turlock’s Creation Lab Recording Studios owner, Michael Everett, the producer of one of her singles, introduced her to The Katinas after the Nashville-based rock band performed at Monte Vista Chapel.

In addition to The Katinas helping her record her album, they also welcomed her into their home. “I knew they were interested in helping me record but I wasn’t expecting anything like this. They really opened up their hearts,” she added. Alaniz was intimidated by the Nashville recording experience at first, but counts it as one of the best things she’s done so far.

Alaniz chose to pursue a singing career in Christian music as a means to utilize God’s gift to her in a fashion that brings glory to Him. “My goal through music is to serve God. The songs I’ve written are meant to bring people together, to inspire,” said Alaniz. “I’ve been called by the Lord and served with a desire for encouraging Christian fellowship. It’s about people coming together and to show that Christians are normal and have a good time worshipping God,” she added.

Much of the material of Alaniz’ songs come from her experience of the Lord’s involvement in her life. She has written songs about her life and from the perspective of her family and friends.

She said that her motivation stems from “knowing that God has put me here. It reminds me to try hard because I’m just here to serve. I’m not up there wanting attention for myself.” It is this motivation that has carried her thus far and continues to fuel her ambitions for the future.

“I’m extremely excited. Just thankful to God. I’m in awe because this was a dream since I was a little girl,” she said. When asked about her mindset for Saturday’s performance, Alaniz replied, “All people are nervous before going on. I’m not worried about messing up like I used to be. I’m at a point where, once I get up there, I feel comfortable.”
- Turlock Journal

"Local girl records her debut song “I Bow Down” for air play"

By Kara Tornquist
September/October 2006

From playing tennis to hearing her first single “I Bow Down” play on 101.5 KAMB, Quimi Alaniz is living out the beginning stages of her Christian music career. However, a few years back, Alaniz was running head first into the life of a hard core tennis player.

“I started playing tennis, on the courts, since I was three,” said Alaniz, “but I didn’t start playing tournaments until I was nine or ten.” For most of us out there, at the age of ten we were still trying to learn coordination in sports let alone participate in tournaments. Alaniz’s strong athleticism carried her through level after level.

“We thought I was going to receive a scholarship,” said Alaniz, “where I would end up going to college and playing tennis.” Though her skills were strong, her feelings and drive started to fade. Alaniz recalls, “I liked playing tennis and I really enjoyed it, but a lot of times my heart wasn’t in it as much as it should have been.”

With a decline in tennis came a rise in music. Alaniz mentioned that she always knew that she wanted to sing, but it was more of something that she could pursue at her church or school. However, when the time came Alaniz chose to sing even through her parents were a little uncertain about the choice. “I was heart-broken,” said her mother Josie Alaniz.

“I loved watching her play, but I quickly realized that singing was her calling.”

After Alaniz learned to play the guitar and began writing some of her own songs, she knew she had to find a way to get her talent out there to be heard. Like many other local talents, Alaniz found her saving grace in The Creation Lab. Founded in March of 2005 by Matt Swanson and Michael Everett, The Creation Lab offers locally a professional recording studio that one would otherwise only find in the Bay Area or Los Angeles. The opportunity was exactly what Alaniz was looking for.

With the help and arrangement by Mike Everett, Alaniz had her first single I Bow Down.

They recorded the single specifically for radio play. So when it debuted it was an experience Alaniz won’t forget.

“It was weird and it was really exciting,” said Alaniz. “We called everybody that we could call in the three minutes the song was on! But then afterwards I started thinking about it and wow! This isn’t the CD, this is the radio!”

In a previous issue of the Turlock Living Magazine, Alaniz was quoted in a story written about The Creation Lab of her experience working and learning from Mike Everett. She said that “Mike is always saying that recording is all what you hear, unlike live performances where the majority of what audiences experience is visual and a little bit is auditory.” In other words, people buy the album for the sound, but they go to the concert to see it.

When it comes to her own talents, Alaniz attributes the creation of her style to some of her favorite artists.

“My first favorite singer is Jaci Velasquez,” said Alaniz. “When I first started singing in my church I used to sing the accompaniment tracks of her songs.” Alaniz adds that “she was probably my first influence vocally because I always wanted to be like her.” Another singer that Alaniz loves to listen to is Shakira.

“I listen to a lot of her music and I really like her style and how she’s so unique and original.”

With influences that bring their own heritage into their music, Alaniz has brought her own Hispanic heritage into her music. On her debut single she recorded two versions: one in English and the other in Spanish. With a unique arrangement both versions showcase her love of music mixed with her own unique style. “It’s hard to describe my style,” said Alaniz. “Some of my stuff is kind of jazzy and a lot of people say that it sounds like folk music, but in some ways I like to say I point more towards the funk style with some jazz.”

With her family’s support and about 1,200 singles going out to different radio stations across America, Alaniz wants people to know that it’s all about finding purpose.

“I want my music to be something that can encourage and can reach out to people who are probably searching for something,” she said. “Searching for that thing that gives you purpose, and a lot of people search for it in different places. My music is something that will give them or allow them to find their hope and peace in Christ.”

For more information about Quimi Alaniz please visit her official website at www.quimialaniz.com.

For additional information concerning The Creation Lab please visit www.thecreationlab.com.
- Turlock Living

"Musician in good hands on debut disc"

Imagine the thrill of an invitation to Nashville to record your first CD, and, oh, by the way, staying with a group already on the national scene.
Quimi Alaniz, 19, of Modesto knows exactly what that feels like. She spent several weeks last year staying with the Katinas, a popular contemporary Christian group, which agreed to produce her first CD, "Quimi."
She'll be back in Nashville next week for the Gospel Music Association's annual gathering for Christian artists, recording producers and members of the media. She's even landed a showcase concert; on April 19, she'll sing her heart out for radio folks.
"I'm excited, really flabbergasted," she said this week.
Quimi -- pronounced kee-mee, although she's also OK with Kimmy -- said her dad is Latino and her mom is Japanese. Father Juan Alaniz is the Spanish-language pastor
at Big Valley Grace Community Church; her mom is Josie. Quimi's name is adapted from the Japanese name Kimico, she said.
The 2006 Turlock Christian High School graduate has been singing in front of crowds since she was in eighth grade. But tennis was her passion then, and the state-ranked Modesto Junior College player said she often missed Sunday services to play in junior tournaments. That changed a couple of years later.
"At the end of my sophomore year, I started taking voice lessons," she said. "My parents bought me a guitar when I was 15. I quit tennis and started singing more. When I was 16, I decided to pursue singing seriously.
"My desire is just to serve the Lord and see where he takes me. I just want to tell people about his love and salvation. Whatever it is -- to lead worship or do a CD -- wherever God leads me, I'll go."
Her first recording, "I Bow Down/Heart of Worship," was made in 2006 at the Creation Lab studio in Turlock. Owners Matt Swanson and Mike Everett produced the single and encouraged her to give it to the Katinas, who were at Monte Vista Chapel for a concert.
One thing led to another, and she headed to Nashville in March and April 2007 to record her 10-track CD, which includes seven of her original songs. "Breakaway," a song written by James and Chrissy Katina (she was part of the now-defunct Christian girl group ZOEgirl), is one of her favorites.
"It's about breaking away from the past that sometimes holds us down and embracing the faith that God gives," Quimi said.
"The opportunity to work with the Katinas was totally unexpected and crazy, totally God. It was really cool. I learned so much. The Katinas and all their families are just there to serve the Lord. I got to see how they live every day and how they work in the music business, but stay grounded in their family.
"What they told me is that there are going to be ups and downs and just to keep going -- keep pressing forward and keep doing the Lord's will."
Quimi opened for the group a couple of times recently, offering her CD and autograph after the concerts.
"The response has been good," she said. "I was kind of surprised. People really wanted to buy the CDs."
One of the tracks, "All for Love," features the Katinas and Quimi "like a duet," she said. "That's my first radio single."
She described her sound as Christian pop-rock, but then laughed. "It's kind of different, because if you listen to my CD, you'd wonder, is this all from the same girl? One is pretty reggae, one is pretty funky and one is a rock uptempo track. There's a Spanish song and a jazz tune. I just put them all together."
Although she recorded the CD last year, it was released just last month because of hiccups with the art and other production details. Quimi said she was frustrated at the delay, but now is happy it took so long.
"My cousin (Mauricio 'Mo' Alaniz) was in a really bad accident in November. He's still in a coma. I dedicated the CD to him. I'm so thankful to be able to do that, because he's like a brother to me. I'm seeing that God's timing is much better than my timing. His way is really good."
Quimi's self-titled CD is available for $17.98 from Beardsley's Book & Bible in Modesto, $14.99 from Family Bible Center in Turlock or online (various prices) from links at www.myspace.com/quimimusic.
Bee staff writer Sue Nowicki can be reached at snowicki@modbee.com or 578-2012. - The Modesto Bee


2008 - Quimi S/T



In a world full of empty beauty, false satisfaction and deceit there’s a search going on for what is real. Real hope, Real peace, Real joy, Real love.

At the age of nineteen, Quimi (pronounced "kee-mee") pours out her heart and soul through rocking vocals and a guitar to show what she knows to be real. “In the past few years of my life, I’ve found out that there are a lot of things I don’t know...” Quimi says smiling. “…but I can tell you two things that I have found out that I do know: Jesus Christ is the only real love that I have ever known and He has a real plan and purpose for my life and for your life.”

The soft-spoken yet enthusiastic singer/songwriter is stepping out for the first time with her self-titled debut CD. She has been writing songs for five years and playing guitar for four years but singing was not always in her plan. Quimi played tennis for her entire life until she turned 16 when she officially put down her racquet to pick up the guitar. Quimi says, “I started playing tennis when I was four and when I was nine I started playing in tournaments every weekend. Tennis was what I did and it was what I thought I was going to be doing my whole life.” Being ranked in Northern California and Nationally, tennis was in Quimi’s plans but God had other plans. She started singing in church when she was twelve years old and when she was fifteen her parents bought her first guitar. Immediately, Quimi started learning to play worship songs and writing her own songs on her new guitar. “Although it was a hard decision for me and my family, we knew that God wanted me to quit playing tennis to start playing music.” Quimi recalls.

Driven by charismatic vocals, Quimi’s debut CD is an eclectic compilation of heartfelt songs seeking after Christ’s heart. Produced by The Katinas, this CD contains ten songs; seven of which she wrote, two worship songs and a song written by former ZoeGirl, Chrissy Katina. The Katinas’ voices lace a few of the songs while also being featured in the worshipful “All For Love”. Other tracks include a jazzy “All I Need”, a reggae-fused “Send Down Your Rain” and a funky little tune called “Speak To Me”. Quimi wrote the Spanish rock song “Y Sigo” while she was in Mazatlán, Mexico and it voices our need to know God’s purposes for our lives. “Breakaway”, written by Chrissy Katina, speaks of the need to leave the past behind and embrace the grace that God gives to all in Christ.

“I’m so blessed to be able to worship God through music and give back what He’s given to me.” Quimi expresses, “My prayer is that as people listen to my music, it will inspire them to seek God’s purpose for their lives and live wholeheartedly, on fire for Him.” As this CD showcases the range of her music, it also displays her passion for singing songs that convey the simple message of truth fighting to be heard in a world desperately trying to find answers.