Quincy Coleman

Quincy Coleman


"(Quincy has)...all the goods, a beautiful voice, such sweet emotion and tenderness...very talented." Dolly Parton Paste magazine describes “Come Closer” as “Asyln meets Tom Waits.”



” (Quincy has)...all the goods, a beautiful voice, such sweet emotion and tenderness...very talented." Dolly Parton

With song writer and vocalist extraordinaire Quincy Coleman think Elvis Presley’s power, Edith Piaf’s emotion and the spirit of Django Reinhardt breaking Challa on a Hawaiian island while shooting a scene for a David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Fellini collaboration.

Online publication, Editorial Emergency says about Quincy and her sophomore recording “Come Closer”, “her husky delivery navigates the shifting territory with aplomb. Coleman's feel for the swoony tropes of yesteryear at times recalls Maria Muldaur and Van Dyke Parks, though her voice is closer to the knowing, rootsy timbre of Shelby Lynne.” While Paste magazine describes “Come Closer” as “Asyln meets Tom Waits.”

Released independently, the CD includes songs such as “Calling Your Name” which Quincy describes as “an Israeli, surf punk, gypsy swing”. Mix that with “Mary,” “a bittersweet, yet hopeful goodbye” and the sultry redemption song, “Want Me Back” and you have what critics and fans are calling “ready for radio music.” Music Connection Magazine describes the contagiousness of Coleman's songs quite simply as, “catchy and lodge easily in your memory.”

Born into a family of performers, (dad actor and Golden Globe winner Dabney Coleman, mom model/actress Jean Hale Coleman and brother Randy who has toured with Def Leppard and opened for The Who at the Hollywood Bowl) Quincy pursued entertainment dreams throughout high school and college. After flirting with acting in New York and a few TV spots she did the U.S. college student thing and headed for Europe.

“It was in Nice, France where I found myself with someone else’s guitar in my hand on a very small stage at a ‘hole in the wall’ singing a very drunk and a very nervous version of Indigo Girls ‘Closer to Fine’. The owner slammed a pint of beer in front of me and said ’your hired!’” From there to busking in London “(the best $15 I ever made)” she headed back to L.A. and recorded her self-released debut album “Also Known as Mary”. It caught the ear of tastemaker Nic Harcourt, program director of L.A.’s trendsetting NPR station KCRW. In addition to the resultant heavy airplay Coleman was hand picked personally by Nic as one of the four artists showcased at the 2004 KCRW “Next Up” event at the famed Santa Monica Pier.

Quincy not only regularly sells out local Los Angeles venues such as the Temple Bar, The Mint, and the influential Hotel Café, her buzz is expanding beyond Southern California and into the national and international spotlight. The song “Afraid” from “Also Known as Mary” is on the soundtrack for the academy award winning film “Crash.” To kick things off for the new CD internationally, “Give it Away”, from “AKAM” is on a UK compilation called “Beautiful Embrace” which also features Bryan Adams and Sarah McLaughlin. Two songs from “Come Closer”, “Calling Your Name” and “Mary” are on a Japanese compilation released this spring.

New press quotes:

"Not only has God graced her with a gorgeous voice, her songs are undeniably catchy, which, matched with flawless instrumentation, makes Come Closer and absolute gem." ~ American Songwriter

"Check it out; your ears will thank you." ~Performing Songwriter

"The melodies are pop but the arrangements-with organs and horns bursting out of nowhere-elevate the tunes far above the ordinary." ~ Billboard

".........this artist really belongs on the road and on radio dials. As a chanteuse, Quincy is ready to fly. " Music Connection

This unsigned artist could surely be listed among some of the great female singer-songwriters of our generation. -The Philadelphia Hawk


Calling Your Name

Written By: Quincy Coleman

Come closer baby read between my lips
You drive me crazy I can feel it in my hips
As they sway, calling your name

Don't worry baby just a little taste
Then you'll obey me it's a game of take and take
Bend back and break, calling your name

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Calling your name

Just like a fantasy, all the lights go down
And its just you and me, round and round and round
Shimmy and shake! Calling your name

Indeed In Love

Written By: Quincy Coleman/Jim Bianco

Indeed in love, in love indeed
You and me were meant to be indeed in love

One kiss one night, sweet kiss sweet night
All it took was just one look and one kiss one night

My heart in your hands slowly we slow dance
Cheek to cheek my knees get weak, in love indeed...indeed in love

Blown Away

Written By: Quincy Coleman

Did you know I was over here thinking
Thinking about your way
And when I reach below the fever
I got from your serenade

I find a wonder of what it would be like to just hold your hand
And spend day after day trying to make you understand

I'm in this garden of stardom and all I can do is stop and stare
I'm not scared, just painfully aware
We've already met somewhere
The familiarity reminiscent of those memories
Sends a chill down my spine
You are divine and oh how you move me

I can't sleep when I got you on my mind
I can't sleep when all I think about is the first time that I get to look in those eyes
And say you blow me away

When you smile my way


Also Known As Mary
Come Closer