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Band Alternative Adult Contemporary


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EP: Here I am (UK)
EP: A Beautiful Song (The Mark Picchiotti Remixes) 2009
LP: Breathing Through The Silence (Due 2010)



"So is this the part where I have to tell you about me?" sounding a little reluctant, something I would later find out he is anything but; at least when it comes to expressing his passion. "Well, lets see", he continues... At 9 I fell in love with music, at 11 I caught the bug for production and at 16 I knew I wanted control and to do that, the business had to be understood" says Quincy McQ, the singer, songwriter, producer, engineer whose sparkling LP debut "Breathing Through The Silence" is finally due for release in March 2010, after being pulled a couple of time. By no other person but him, speaking to the level of integrity to which he holds his art. The LP bows in with an infectious lead single 'A beautiful Song' which is starting to garner some underground interest, sparking licensing agreements almost as soon as it was recorded.

"At an age when everyone was out playing football(soccer)", he continues "you would either find me at the back of my parents house with my make-shift drums pounding away, or i'd be in the studio hanging around the older guys taking everything in, listening in on their psycho babble that constantly transpired in those studio walls". With an "argument like" sounding debate transpiring amongst the older guys, little did I know this was the start to my training and understanding of music production. They debated on just about everything, from chord progression to melodies, arrangements and layering. Who was the best at what? what riff was the baddest of all times? and on many occasions in the middle of a heated debate, someone would jump in with an exclamation remark "Wait!, did you hear that s**t?!", to be followed by "Bloody hell!, rewind that!"....

Even though he knew music was his calling, he attended college, where he majored in Computer Science and graduated with Honors. While studying for his major, he was also attending a second college for music production/engineering and held down a regular job too. Such was his dedication to his craft and dream, a dedication and focus that would later serve him well. After college, it was time to pave the way for his dream, and being someone who believes in paying it forward, he took up corporate jobs to help build his production outfit (recording and writing for artist on production and demo deals). A credit he often dismisses and transfers to others, he recalls during our interview " Being resilient and dedicated is one thing, but if it was not for the small assurances, the small applause I get from small audiences, friends of friends that would come hear me do an intimate set at a house party, saying they had heard about me. Those tiny bit of recognition meant the world, sometimes i'd get blown away by people asking to purchase my CD. If it was not for those small successes, this would not have seen the light of day. So as much as I would like to take credit, they really have made me"

So In 2004, (with years of production experience and self taught instrumentation), those little assurances led him to produce a 5 track EP, an effort that caught the ears and interest of some industry execs and his future business partners, who convinced him to leave London and move to New York, where he started working on what was then titled "Disregarding Boundaries" but later became "Breathing Through The Silence".

Armed with a vocal ability lost somewhere in the forest of Anthony Kiedis, Prince, Seal and Bono; a writing and production direction as open as the dessert road, and an infectious energy level that can go from Knot to 60 in 3 seconds flat; this young man holds the name Quincy to a high standard, first by capturing you with his physical presence and then mesmerizing you with a vocal delivery and performance that raises the hair on your arm.

Fun, real, musically and emotionally adventurous, "Breathing Through The Silence", combine rushes of melody with realistic optimism and emotional vulnerability. Touching on the multi-facet nature of the human dynamics, just like McQ himself, the songs on this breakout debut range from make belief fantasy rhetorical question types, to a lifetime tale of love, loss, hope and happiness. Each is a brilliant blend of fresh perception and evergreen craftsmanship. As McQ puts it, "these are songs about a person, or people, songs that looks at the different and ever changing perception in each person, embracing the you now and the you then, wherever then becomes".

If the buzz that this debut LP is starting to generate is anything to go by, to paraphrase the words of the aptly titled sophomore effort from Maroon 5, It surely wont be soon before long before McQ becomes a household name. So don't be surprised when your girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, aunty or even boyfriend start singing those melodic opening lines from his debut single "beautiful day, beautiful morning, beautiful life, beautiful you..."