"This act will remind you of Iron & Wine, a rootsy-meloncholy Sebadoh, or an indie-tinged 16 Horsepower w/ a bit of a Nick Drake influence." - PlushTucson.com


Christopher Beeson and band Quincy are named after the river town of Quincy, Illinois, and the music evolves from this midwest pinpoint of Americana. A handful of Quincy CD's have been released, and the latest, "My Heart Is Like A River," was released in summer 2007. Quincy is Roots Americana music something along the lines of "The Jayhawks meet Joe Henry at a folk festival".


Quincy - My Heart Is Like A River - 2007
Quincy - Engine - 2005
Quincy - Solo at Sunway EP - 2005
Quincy - Love and Circumstance - 2004
Quincy - Some Stuff I Lost - Instrumental EP - 2003
Quincy - Eponymous - 2002

Set List

Typical sets of 8-12 songs, all original, 45 minutes. Solo Quincy has 3 full live sets and additional solo material.