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On a cold winter's night out, the crowd is restless and anticipatory, but they know Melbourne's hard-working Quinn Band is not going to disappoint. It's not far through their opening number, Learn to Live Again, that frontman and songwriter Quinn's awesome vocals elevate souls to the ceiling, the band burning confidently through the textures with ample reggae feel, each member commanding their corner of the stage and inviting the room to drink it in with them.
Quinn Band bring a splash of the new to reggae music - a listenable fusion of acoustic folk music combined with the huge dub basslines and delicious guitar work and hammond sounds the punters have come to expect. Not many reggae bands will dare offer a gorgeous ballad that gradually builds to a huge Marley dub epic, nor exude an energy of which the mighty Red Eyes themselves would envy and, after a full sweaty hour, all the boxes of a band pioneering the new reggae sound have not only been ticked, but the form thrown away with a laugh! With songs lingering in the mind long after the music's over, it's not hard to see how Quinn Band have earned a position of respect in Melbourne unforgiving reggae scene. An engaging band that warmed the hearts of yet another crowd on a cold winter's night. - just another night's work for a band on the rise. - Burnin' & Looting Press


Blazin' Infernal - 4 track EP
Revolution - Single
From Up Above - Single
Learn to Live Again - Single
Good People - Single



Quinn is a lion standing tall and proud in the sunburnt Aussie musical landscape.

Socially concerned, politically active, a humanist; he's the kind disliked by corporations that exploit society to make money. "Life for me is about people coming together. And stangely enough, our modern-day lifestyles seem to be driving us apart. I think it's deliberate, & I'm standing up and letting 'em know that we want real change, and we're not going to ask, we're just going to take!"

"I think reggae and folk music is owned by us - people; and it's about people too, so it's a perfect genre to express what I feel. I'm not another materialistic singer trying to ride the hype rollercoaster." Reflecting on the things that matter, what's needed to move us forward is drastic change. "It's about realising who and what we are, instead of letting the media decide what we learn." And the main message of the music? "A little bit more love. For each other and ouselves. Undoing the things that the winning-is-everything economy has brought with it."

Starting off as a solo folk singer, Quinn's been lifting smiles on faces with the band for the last 3 years. A muso's apprenticeship served out on literally thousands of different pub stages, through night-long sweat-soaked gigs, saw penmanship and understanding of the world gradually evolve - right alongside the band's bass-heavy reggae dub and burnin' roots versions. And thus created is the Aussie soul of the John Butler Trio & Carus meeting the Wailers, rollin' up some Sublime, and lighting it up with a Marley flash! An inviting reggae groove to ignite any and every heart.

His pen a mighty sword, Quinn's songs don't waste ink. "I support veganism because since I took the plunge, I feel better than ever before, and because it's a little bit of action to help the ailing planet. We're trapped in modern-day slavery; debt and the daily grind, without knowing ourselves." Laughing, Quinn says "Life's not supposed to be a grind mate! Change is just around the corner. We've got tough economic times coming, and what we need are educated minds to topple the cabalistic media and finance monopolies - Once we get that shit out of our way, we can start to really go somewhere!"

"That's what I reckon is the way foward, the window within, not the window without."

"I can't lay claim to being perfect, but who is, and who needs to be? I'm just trying to care. It's such a beautiful world we live in !"

"I'm fighting with everything I've got, and I'm never giving up."