Quinn Hedges

Quinn Hedges


A sad Ben Folds meets a happy Elliott Smith


Folk-Jazz-Blues singer/songwriter Quinn Hedges released his first solo effort, a self-titled album “Quinn Hedges”, in mid-2006. A native of Newark, DE, Quinn began playing guitar and writing songs around the age of 15, although he had been around music his entire life. After moving to California and earning his degree in music Hedges became more serious about his writing and knew one day he would fulfill a dream of his and cut an album. While he was waiting for the right time to record his album, Quinn played in various bands throughout northern California, eventually joining forces with producer/bassist Zack Proteau and drummer Nate Fadelli. Quinn, who considers himself a blues player at heart, writes songs of such sincerity that they easily lend themselves to the common population.


Quinn Hedges- Quinn Hedges (2006)

Set List

Longing For Home
Hangin on a string
I'm Going Away
Feeling Better
The Only Thing is You
She's Got a Guy
Not This Time
Losing Faith
Set Yourself Free
I Want You to Know
Let Loose
Wipe the Tears Away
Don't Wake Me Up
One Night Stand
Away From Here
Back Home
Without You