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Quinn Keon

Saint Louis, Michigan, United States

Saint Louis, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review - 03-01-2008"

By: Jeff Lombard
There were numerous bands that played in the hours before Winger took stage and, of them all, I thought two stood out the most. The Black Mollys and Quinn Keon. Both bands have their own distinctive sound and both enlivened the crowd with their music, but it was Quinn's guitar playing that gave his band the edge and really captured everyone's attention. You can see genuine enthusiasm and heart when Quinn is on stage and you know that he is giving a little piece of his soul to the crowd every time he plays. I noticed other bands that came on stage felt the need to cuss and belittle the crowd as if that were the only way to get a rise out of them but Quinn came on stage and thanked everyone for being there and for "spending their hard earned money" to watch. He let his music provide the catalyst for the crowd's reaction and it truly spoke volumes. I am looking forward to watching Quinn play in the future and I am excited to see where his dream takes him.

- Jeff Lombard

"10-18-2007 - Live Review"

By: Jim Jones
Michigan Music Dojo
Too Slim and the Taildraggers Concert Review

“The next act was Quinn Keon http://quinnkeon.com/ … a self proclaimed Nugent disciple and an absolute guitar master. Quinn has great stage presence and assaults your senses with a constant array of hard driving rock music! Speaking as a guitarist myself, watching Quinn play was like getting a free (well, $7 at the door would have been a bargain at twice the price) guitar lesson. He gets a very classic tone from his 5150 and Peavey rig. The bass player was definitely a guitar player playing bass, but did a great job keeping up with Quinn’s lightning chops. I think I insulted the drummer before the show by telling him that he looks like a bass player (hey, I’m married to a bass player – so no offense intended), but he is definitely a kick-**** drummer...no doubt about it! I look forward to seeing him around. Nice show!”

- Jim Jones - Michigan Music Dojo

"Live Reviews"

By: Johnny Shoes - Rubbles
“I have decided to start reviewing the music at Rubbles and to start giving a little preview of what's to come.

Wednesday night brought us Stranger Than Fiction's final show. Scuba is finally moving away. It was packed from front to back in the band side, and all the booths were full. STF played their usual array of covers and originals, no surprises there. The actual surprise came from the opener, Quinn Keon. Quinn called his music style 'attitude rock', and boy...he wasn't lying. Quinn Keon is the band to see in the near future at Rubbles, he has two more shows booked. Check out his myspace page, Quinn is one of my top friends.”


By: Johnny Shoes - Rubbles
“Top Performances of 2007 that I saw.

Number 7. Stranger Than Fiction and Quinn Keon. I think there may have been a million people in there. Quinn burned the house down, STF raised it back up.”

- Johnny Shoes - Rubbles

"See photos for newspaper and magazine articles."

See photos for newspaper and magazine articles. - See photos for newspaper and magazine articles.

"CD Reviews - "Second Attempt...Failure""

“Second Attempt...Failure” Reviews

failure?? No Way! Gonzo!!
Reviewer: fisherman
This cd rocks! Old school Ted Nugent style guitar playing with down to earth vocals. Reminds me of NWOBHM productions. No gimmick hard rock. Heads down and party on!

The songs sound like they should be performed in arenas..."Becky" hints at his capability to create something a bit fresh and different.
Matt Shimmer, Indieville.com

I like the guitar sound...They play balls to the wall rock n roll and I liked the disc.
MetalCore Fanzine

We were then greeted with aggressive metal riffs, but Lemmy-like caterwauling...we're fairly sure there's a great deal of ass-shaking happening at the live show. From what we can see, Quinn's got a nice torso under that shirt and that's always good for some female swooning.
Kimmie & Cristy, Score! Music Magazine
- Various


Quinn Keon - "Second Attempt...Failure" was released in 2002 on Quinn's own Bad Kitty Records. This album contains hard driving rock songs and the raw guitar leads that Quinn is known for. "Ellen" has recieved the most downloads from this CD and has been played on major Michigan radio stations WKQZ 93.3fm and WIOG 102.5fm as well as WCHW 91.3fm. It is currently being played on WMHW 91.5 a college station from Central Michigan University.

Quinn Keon - "Lonely Days Passin'" was released in 2003 in Quinn's own Bad Kitty records and is an acoustic album that Quinn recorded when he was without a band. One guitar, one voice is the simplicity of the sound. "A Song for Earl" has been played on WMLM 1520am and "Driftin' Away" netted Quinn ASCAP royalty payments from airplay in Ireland.



Quinn Keon's own brand of "Attitude Rock" is a full-on guitar assault. Quinn says the origin of his music comes from life itself. He draws on his own experiences from the most basic to more complex feelings. Some of Quinn's favorite "high-energy influences" range from short skirts and high heels to 4-wheel drive mud trucks and high-powered rifles.

Quinn Keon says he represents the working class. "You have to work a little harder if you want to play. Nothing has come easy for me. It’s a lot of hard work and determination every day and the perseverance to overcome many obstacles."

With his unique style combining melody and brute force edge, Quinn is able to deliver a dynamic musical performance. With several vocal and instrumental compositions in his arsenal, Quinn shows that he is fully capable of switching gears with his guitar style, but when he downshifts into "Attitude Rock" you’d better hold on 'cause it’s one hell of a ride.