Quinn Keon

Quinn Keon

 Saint Louis, Michigan, USA

Quinn Keon's own brand of "Attitude Rock" is a full-on guitar assault. Audiences in Michigan are getting more than a mouthful of his greasy, gritty, guitar licks and keep craving more.


Quinn Keon's own brand of "Attitude Rock" is a full-on guitar assault. Quinn says the origin of his music comes from life itself. He draws on his own experiences from the most basic to more complex feelings. Some of Quinn's favorite "high-energy influences" range from short skirts and high heels to 4-wheel drive mud trucks and high-powered rifles.

Quinn Keon says he represents the working class. "You have to work a little harder if you want to play. Nothing has come easy for me. It’s a lot of hard work and determination every day and the perseverance to overcome many obstacles."

With his unique style combining melody and brute force edge, Quinn is able to deliver a dynamic musical performance. With several vocal and instrumental compositions in his arsenal, Quinn shows that he is fully capable of switching gears with his guitar style, but when he downshifts into "Attitude Rock" you’d better hold on 'cause it’s one hell of a ride.


Quinn Keon - "Second Attempt...Failure" was released in 2002 on Quinn's own Bad Kitty Records. This album contains hard driving rock songs and the raw guitar leads that Quinn is known for. "Ellen" has recieved the most downloads from this CD and has been played on major Michigan radio stations WKQZ 93.3fm and WIOG 102.5fm as well as WCHW 91.3fm. It is currently being played on WMHW 91.5 a college station from Central Michigan University.

Quinn Keon - "Lonely Days Passin'" was released in 2003 in Quinn's own Bad Kitty records and is an acoustic album that Quinn recorded when he was without a band. One guitar, one voice is the simplicity of the sound. "A Song for Earl" has been played on WMLM 1520am and "Driftin' Away" netted Quinn ASCAP royalty payments from airplay in Ireland.

Set List

Quinn trys to target clubs that allow him to perform his own material...any set length up to 2 hours. Now and then the band will dive into a cover by one of Quinn's guitar influences such as Ted Nugent or Jimi Hendrix.