It's not enough having both rock n' roll and jazz in the fingertips or folk on the mind. The gift is creating a tune you can feel, that a crowd remembers; improv with a tune you can whistle. In a scene given to abuse of the superlative, all Quintus needs is an audience - the music speaks for itself.


East Village band, Quintus is on the move, packing popular clubs including the Knitting Factory, Lions Den, Tribeca Rock Club, and the Bitter End, emerging as one of New York's rising groups. With influences as diverse as The Beatles, The Band, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, the Talking Heads, and Radiohead, the band keeps the crowd slightly off balance. Knowing their favorites, shouting out requests, yet never experiencing the same performance twice, Quintus fans keep coming back for another hit.

For Quintus, New York City is only the opening. The band's tour of college campuses, festivals, and venues throughout the Northeast has sparked national demand, landing Quintus on the bill with artists such as Keller Williams, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jen Durkin and the Bomb Squad, Ulu, and New Monsoon. Quintus is currently anticipating a far-reaching college tour, as well as recording new material at the legendary Electric Lady Studios for its second studio release.


-Quintus, Self titled studio release 2003
-Acoustic Promo Spring '04 (Electric Lady Studios)
-Four Songs EP (Electric Lady Studios, release January 2005)

The band has recieved airplay on college/indy radio stations throughout the USA and Canada.

Set List

Typical set lists vary every night ranging usually from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

SAMPLE Set List: Knitting Factory Mainstage 12/3/04

Lonesome Hearted Song, Get Me Out, Brooklyn, Lie like its True, Higher, Nineteen, Verses to a Song, Surrender, Let it Slide, Flat Feet, Shihan, One Dance, Lost and Find, Night Owl, Plan B

Cover Songs:
Today (Smashing Pumpkins)
Just What I Needed (The Cars)
Stop That Train (Peter Tosh)
She Came in Through the Bathroom the Window (The Beatles)