Quique Gonzalez

Quique Gonzalez

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP

After travelling all around Spain for more than a year with his last work presentation tour 'Daiquiri Blues' ending in Madrid with three consecutive sold outs, Quique González is back to the road to present ‘Desbandados’.


Singer and composer Quique González (Madrid, 1973) is considered one of the most respected figures of the Spanish rock scene and one of the most important artists in our country nowadays. His growing in the more than ten years of career has been unstoppable.

His eight album ‘Daiquiri Blues’ with which he became number 5 of sales in his first week out was recorded in Nashville (USA) and produced by the prestigious Brad Jones. In the recording mythical musicians took part like Al Perkins, Ken Coomer or Brian Owings.

Last year Quique González obtained 4 nominations for the Music Awards 2010 with ‘Daiquiri Blues’ as 'The Year Spanish artist', 'Album of the year', 'Song of the year’ and 'Best rock album'.

During the last year and a half he has travelled all around the country with more than 50 performances selling out in most of them. Last February the Association of Live Concert Venues of the Comunidad de Madrid, La Noche en Vivo, gave him an award in the category of Acclaimed Artist ‘No nos olvidaron…’ (“They did not forget us...”)

His previous work ‘Avería y Redención #7’ was chosen as the best 2007 national album in the Rolling Stone magazine and as the best fifth of the year for the EP3 readers from El País.

His previous tour (2007-08) played a total of 75 concerts with absolute sold outs in a great part of the theatres and venues all over Spain, he performed in big summer festivals and was the guest artist for a legend like Bob Dylan in his concert at Jaén.

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Daiquiri Blues 2009 (Sony)
Averia y redención 2007(Warner Music)
Ajuste de Cuentas 2006 (Warner Music)
La Noche Americana 2005 (Varsovia records)
Kamikazes Enamorados 2003 (Varsovia Records)
Pájaros mojados 2002 (Universal Music)
Salitre 48 1998 (Universal Music)