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Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados | SELF

Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados | SELF
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"Quito and the Edge at Annapolis!!!!"

"We have watched Quito and the EDGE entertain large audiences here in Annapolis for days on end and the response is always the same… happy crowds drawn to Quito's infectious beats and easy-going stage presence, lingering a bit longer to enjoy an extra drink or dance the night away."

John Riggin, Chief Operating Officer, Partner Concepts, Annapolis, Maryland

Partner Concepts LLC
127 Lubrano Drive, Suite 203
Annapolis, MD 21401
p: 410.224.7688 ext. 107
f: 410.224.1499
www.partnerconcepts.com - Self - Original email available on request

"Quito Rymer Unplugged…"

Though it is not the ‘bump and grind, wuk up and wine, wave yuh hand in the air’ beat that is preferred these days by the younger generation, the sweet sound which emanates out of Quito Rymers ‘pipes’ and the soothing feeling invoked when he strums his guitar are awe inspiring.

Proud BVIslander, self-taught guitarist, talented artist and all-round nice guy, Quito Rymer took time-out recently to sit and chat with this roving reporter/photographer at the Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay to speak about his love and his life, his music.
Gazing off into the raging turquoise sea as rough winds lashed the walls of the Gazebo, we sat on tools at the empty bar while Quito revealed to me his easy-going nature.
“I’m blessed in the way of talents, you know, good family, good friends. Even being born and living in the British Virgin Islands, I consider myself a very blessed person. I have been very lucky to have surrounded myself with very good musicians who are very supportive of what I do. Together we make really good music, I think.”
This love was evident in his voice and eyes as he told of how he is willing to contribute in any way he can to making the British Virgin Islands more marketable worldwide.
“Tourism is one of our main pillars and living many years, I realise that it’s for each of us to contribute as we can,” Quito reflected. And contribute he has; his music is distinctive, unique and a definite part of Nature’s Little Secrets’
What is your sound?
My music ranges from Island Folk songs, reggae, and a little R&B, he said, smiling.
“Of course in the nights when we play here live [The Gazebo]; the weekend night - which is Friday, we do a little of everything: Calypso, Reggae, Soul, a little R&B… a little bit for everybody.
“We don’t just pin ourselves to one type of beat. We have different people coming in with different likes, different expectations, so we make it flavourful by adding different music.”
Rolling back the years to the start of his music career, Quito reasoned that it has been quite a number of years since he first got started professionally, and recalled the steps he took to penetrate an otherwise disinterested market.
“When I started the bar and the gazebo, I started just so I can play my guitar and sing my songs. Back in the day a solo act was not very appreciated, it was basically unheard of; nobody would listen to just one guy with a guitar.”
Quito spent some years away from the BVI and had an experience one summer working in a resort area where all the employees would come together and everybody would bring out an instrument and play and have a wonderful time. He then realised that, “Yeah I wanted to do this, and I can do this,” the crooner said.
“But I realised that the BVI was not in a place where it was ready for that yet, so I decided I’ll just have to create my own place, so I could try it, nobody can tell me no, no, we can’t hire you.”
This was his inspiration for building The Gazebo; a means of getting his music ‘out there’. The response was not a complete surprise, but gratifying nonetheless.
“I find that with the heavy traffic that we have of tourists from the United States and the UK and Canada, it was pretty easy to get it going, because I mean, there are music lovers everywhere but because of the culture that most of them come from, and the acoustics thing, the solo act back then was well accepted.”
He described his music as story-telling, getting a message across through the lyrics.
“I am not one of those who’re into the ‘bump and grind, wuk up and wine, wave yuh hand in the air’ beat,” Quito laughingly told me.
“It has its place, but that’s not what my music is about; my music is more of a spiritual type of music. I believe in preaching love, harmony, togetherness of all people of the whole world,” he quietly explained.
Acknowledging the support that he has received over the years from the locals as well, Quito said they, too, have really appreciated the music.
How was it for you growing up as a budding musician?
“I’ll be honest with you, honestly, growing up as a boy, we only played like around Christmas time; some ukuleles for Christmas. A group of us would get a little practice and we would go around Christmas day; we would go around house to house, serenading and eating and drinking and just having a good time.”
The holidays weren’t enough for the youngsters though. He said later he and his fellow carollers decided not to wait until the Christmas season rolled around to showcase their talents. They practised and experimented with different genres - mostly soul music and American soft rock, along with local Fungi music.
It was a little bit of a personal struggle, Quito revealed.
“Because my mother was a Methodist Preacher and she didn’t want a son following the path of music. At that time it was sort of a – in their mind – it was sort of a bad thing because [perceived] musicians were irresponsible. Playing music; that is all that they concentrated on, had a good time, they were never serious people; she didn’t want that for me, needless to say.”
Do you consider yourself serious though?
“Oh yeah,” the crooner said emphatically.
He believes music is what he was designed for.
“My father was a musician when he was younger, so he bought me a guitar. She [mother] didn’t even know. I was around 14, 15 at the time. I played my guitar practically everyday and she didn’t even know I had it.
“I kept it a secret for quite a while, I was writing my songs – I kept that too a secret – and then eventually we formed a youth group within the Methodist Church.”
At the age of 19, Quito joined with some other youths, boys and girls, to form the Cane Garden Bay Youth Fellowship, and played throughout the Islands, as well as in St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix.
Recalling the near demise of the group, Quito said playing together was so rewarding, the guys, formed a little group and played at parties, weddings and then there was an accident.
“One of the guys in the group died in the accident and another one was pretty banged up; so it kind of took the steam away from everything and the band just came to a streaking halt. Music kind of went on hold for a while, and then we came back stronger with the Church.”
That did not last very long, however.
“The one thing that we found when we started travelling in the US Virgin Islands, most of the girls, most of the best singers started meeting guys and getting married and leaving the group. It was like an end of that era,” Quito fondly recalled.
This occasioned a move to the USVI for a while; a break from singing and playing publicly.
“But then when I decided to move back here I wanted to start my business… so I thought to myself if I start my own bar, play my own music, I know I would be hired, but I promised myself I would know when to give it up; when people start walking out when I started to sing then I know that I’m not good enough.”
That, thankfully, has not happened to date, Quito said, “So I’m grateful for that.”
When he came back to his hometown, he met with some old band mates and “Quito Rymer and the Edge” was born.

A break
A year and a half ago he leased the restaurant out for a while; he needed a break, but that didn’t last as long as it should have, he said.
“So the message I’m trying to get across to people is that I’m back. I’m back running the gazebo, it’s back in my hands. I’m back doing my solo acts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m back with the band on Friday nights. So we really want people to come down and enjoy it; we put a lot of pride into what we do.”
His return saw him and the band snagging a forty-five minute opening for international acts Ali Campbell of UB40 and John Legend at the National Parks Trust 50 anniversary celebrations.
That experience, Quito said, was a defining moment. He explained that while the band has played for other international acts, that moment, was special.
“We played for forty-five minutes and the response was encouraging.”
During his time, Quito has performed in St. John; Austin, Texas; California, Canada, and frequently in Annapolis. He has also graced the stage at St. Lucia Jazz Festival in 2009; however, he noted that he has not toured as much of the Caribbean as he would like. He would also like to play with artistes such as Morgan Heritage and Jimmy Buffet, his all-time favourite.
As he strums his guitar for me to the tune of one of what he considers his most poignant songs, ‘Still Around’, Quito revealed that this song has a very special meaning to him and are words he lives by.
For the holiday season, Quito Rymer and the Edge plans a no holds bar approach. The group will be bringing it to the island folks and visitors with a scintillating mixture of sounds, atmosphere and great food at the Gazebo.
“Come dressed your best and ring in the New Year with us,” Quito invited.
- Virgin Islands Standpoint

"Quito and CBS!"

Listen to CBS talk about Quito and watch him perform.
This is the intimate Quito Rymer..... - CBS News

"Annapolis Venue review!"

Caribbean Restaurant Concepts, Inc.

Gary L. Rogalski, President

December 13, 2011

RE: Quito Rymer & the Edge

To whomever this may concern:

I have known Quito Rymer personally for 15 years. He is an outstanding citizen of the BVI and his original reggae is a great musical representation of the Caribbean. For several years, together with his group “Quito & the Edge” up to 2009, Quito was our extremely successful entertainment feature at the Annapolis Boat Show - the first and largest in-water boat show in the United States.
We can vouch for his loyal East-Coast fan base who joined us from far & wide!
If you are looking for artists that will consistently “pack the house,” then look no further than Quito & the Edge.

If you require any further information or commentary, please call or write.

With best regards,
Gary L. Rogalski

Caribbean Restaurant Concepts, Inc. | 2233 B Technical Parkway | North Charleston, SC 29406
843-569-8687 | 843-569-8689 Fax | www.PussersUSA.com | grogalski@PussersUSA.com
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"Quito Rymer & the Edge Jango Radio Pop Score data Jan 2012!!"

Hi Erin,
Thanks again - this is most helpful & really puts things into perspective.
We know how good we are, but to have evidence that we rank so consistently among the top 1,500 bands out of 50,000 is very very gratifying and helpful!
All the best for then rest of 2012 and beyond.
Kim Huish
for Quito Rymer & the Edge
Tel +1 284 499 1999

On Jan 4, 2012, at 5:08 PM, Jango.com Airplay wrote:

Hey Kim

Feel free to utilize this info however you wish


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On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 5:59 PM, Kim Huish <kimquito@surfbvi.com> wrote:
Dear Erin,
This is great!
I want to be able to present this to booking agents etc to demonstrate to them in a tangible way that our music has wide appeal.
Would you be comfortable putting together a short email for me to add to this data explaining the significance of the Pop Score in the world of Jango radio?
Thanks so much for your continued support.
All the best, Kim for Quito

On Jan 4, 2012, at 4:28 PM, Jango.com Airplay wrote:

Hey there Kim
We currently only have a record if your Popscore was high enough to receive bonus plays

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4/11/2011 - 84 - 100
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5/2/2011 - 87 - 100
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11/28/2011 - 91 - 250
12/5/2011 - 84 - 100
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12/27/2011 - 85 - 100

On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 3:55 PM, Kim Huish <kimquito@surfbvi.com> wrote:
Hi Erin,
I hope all is going well so far for 2012 and that you actually got some down time over the Holidays.
We are trying to flesh out our online profile and it would really help if you could give me our Pop Score history. Is this possible?
All the best, Kim Huish
for Quito Rymer & the Edge
Tel +1 284 499 1999

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2012!

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"Quito's Musician's last minute save!"

Wow, what a show last night at East End Festival Village, Tortola British Virgin Islands!!! Busy Signal blew the audience away despite starting at 3.00am and battling heavy rain. He also was joined on stage with a last minute musical substitution by one of the BVI's own - ace drummer David Thomas. The set went out flawlessly, the audience did not stop moving for the entire 2 hours. David, way to represent for the BVI and Busy, come back anytime :) - Island Mix FB IslandMix.com

"Quito Rymer set to perform at St Lucia Jazz Festival"

Road Town, Tortola, May 7, 2010 – Quito Rymer and The Edge is set to perform this evening at 9 p.m. and again on Sunday, May 9 at 2 p.m. at the region’s largest music festival, the St. Lucia Jazz Festival.

Speaking before rehearsal early this afternoon, Rymer said the band is thrilled at the opportunity to perform for such a large audience. “We are just about to head down to sound check and everyone is very excited. Our spirits are high and we have really been welcomed. It has been a real good experience so far and we are excited about performing.” said Rymer.

He shared how the opportunity came after a visit to the Territory from the Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Honourable Stephenson King. “A few years ago the Prime Minister heard us perform at home and he said he would love to have us in St. Lucia and today we are here. It’s been really exciting and this is the break, to perform in front of such a large audience, is what we have been waiting for.”

Rymer added he has previously had a chance to be in the audience of the festival and he knows the crowd will be the largest his band has ever performed in front of. Other artists slated to perform at the 2010 St. Lucia Jazz Festival include Ne-yo, Corraine Bailey Rae, Shaggy, Maxi Priest, Jean Luc Ponty, Steel Pulse, Laura Izibor, Early Klugh and others.

Rymer and his band arrived in St. Lucia yesterday and were welcomed at a reception hosted by Prime Ministrer King at his home. There, the BVI group had an opportunity to meet dignitaries and fans. Since being on the island, Rymer has also been interviewed by regional media outlets.

Quito Rymer and the Edge combines soulful reggae melodies with hard hitting dance grooves to produce the unique sound of the band. With over 80 original tunes ranging from sweet island blues, to lovers’ rock, classic reggaes and even ska, the band has had a strong following in the BVI. Rymer is a self-taught professional musician. While growing up he learnt the art of playing the guitar through trial and error and became a master of his musical art form.

As band leader and founder Quito Rymer has kept his band musically polished, defined and redefined for over fifteen years. Rymer is often classed with the likes of Bob Marley and the Wailers offering a unique sound though, of his own. Throughout his early musical career Rymer was privileged to have and obtain access to some of the best rounded musicians Tortola had to offer which he extravagantly used to his advantage and molded a particular sound now known as The Edge, a sound that has morphed itself into a complete band. With the 2008 release of his new CD entitled Cool Water, Quito has transformed his sound into the mainstream with the hopes of attracting a new broader fan base while energizing his faithful fans.

Members of the band, Quito Rymer and the Edge at a welcome reception Thursday evening for artists performing during this weekend’s St. Lucia Jazz Festival. Photo courtesey of David A. Thomas

Quito Rymer and The Edge has opened for many reggae greats like Freddie McGregor, Ziggy Marley and Third World. They have performed in famous venus throughout the Caribbean and United States such as Martha’s Vineyard, the Apollo Theater and the Annapolis Boat Show. The Band also performs regularly at events throughout the British Virgin Islands and at its home base at Quito’s Gazebo in Cane Garden Bay.

The St. Lucia Jazz Festival is in its 19th year of operation. The festival is hailed as the largest music festival in the Caribbean. Originally started to help the country boost tourism during the traditionally slow month of May, the event has catapulted into a music extravaganza. The event has multiple shows of acoustical/straight ahead jazz, new age jazz, fusion, rhythm and blues with acts emanating from the United States, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. Shows are mixed from formal performances to open air late night sessions at a variety of venues on the island. Past performances featured artists such as Lou Rawles, Chaka Chan, Chicago, John Legend, Michael Bolton, Will Downing, Mary J. Blidge and Kassav.

Copyright 2011 BVI News, Alliance News Ltd. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or distributed.

- BVI News


Quito Rymer - Reggae Express

Quito Rymer - Mix Up World

Quito Rymer – Searching

Quito Rymer & The Edge – Paradise

Quito Rymer – Caribbean Run

Quito Rymer & The Edge – Iron Strong

Quito Rymer – Quito unplugged

Quito Rymer—Cool Water
Tracks from this one are on Jango!



Quito & the Edge are the heart & soul of the BVI. This unique corner of the Caribbean has all the warmth of a tropical paradise, and as home to all band members it's no surprise that the message of this rich lush sound is upbeat.
Quito's musical style is so much larger than his homeland though as it encompasses his life experiences and more, into a true form of musical empowerment and expression. As band leader and founder "Quito" has kept his band musically polished, defined and redefined for close to 20 years. Quito is often classed with the likes of “Bob Marley and the Wailers" offering a unique sound though, all of his own.
Think Bob Marley plus Bob Dylan, add a dash of "Don't Worry, be Happy" and round that out with some Jimmy Buffet all wrapped up in the smoothest original reggae vibes and you'll get a hint of the magic the Quito has created.

In the latest of a long line of 5 star performances we opened for Ali Campbell (UB40 fame) in the Fall 2011, Keysha Cole in May 2011, and graced 2 stages in St Lucia in 2010.

Growing up music was a way of life and expression for Quito. In fact music was often the only way this quiet-spoken guy was able to let his voice be heard! Based on the Island Calypso tradition Quito's reggae was used in so many ways - for communicating feelings to a lady or translating his understanding of the current world situation or simply to reflect what was happening in and around his own local community.
Throughout his early musical career Quito was privileged to have and obtain access to the immensely well rounded musicians that his island (Tortola) had to offer which he extravagantly used to his advantage and molded a particular sound now known as the "The Edge".

Hailed as one of the hardest working bands in the region, the EDGE combines soulful reggae melodies with hard hitting dance grooves. With over 40 original recorded tracks and counting, ranging from sweet island blues, to lover’s rock, to Bob Marley type beats, to ska, the EDGE delivers what you want and need to sooth your musical soul.

Quito performs with or without his band, and in many ways acoustic gigs are his favorite as they offer him a chance to connect with most intimate side of his vocal performance which tell the complete story of an artist who is in love with his responsibility as a musician and storyteller.

Today Quito has molded his complete and wholesome reggae sound and tours with the Edge spreading peace and One Love. As lead singer and lead guitarist he captains his band through conscious, educating and highly entertaining musical performances and entertainment.

With the 2008 release of his cd entitled “Cool Water,” Quito has transformed his sound into the mainstream with the hopes of attracting a new broader fan base and impressing upon his faithful following.

The upcoming "live" album will be full of the excitement of the big stage as it will include recordings from St Lucia Jazz in 2010.
2012 will also see another as yet untitled original album - you'll Love it!