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Quivah is a singular vision in Hip-Hop. All live, no samples, no MDs, no bullshit. The collective of QuiVaH was forged in a mutual love of Hip-Hop and the desire to push the style to a whole new level. This is a pure, purpose built engine of Hip-Hop and no one does it like this.


QuiVaH is cast with inspired and astounding musicians incorporating the elements of Hip-Hop, Funk, and Jazz. Comprised of two emcees, a DJ, drums, bass, keys, and Guitar QuiVaH delivers a powerful live performance that does not rely on samples or beats from the DJ to create their distinct sound. QuiVaH's raw lyricist and seasoned players bring freedom and expression to the music. Inspiration is drawn from many styles of music creating colorful and dramatic compositions. All of its members come from diverse backgrounds and demographic locations, giving variety and perspective to the nucleus.

Contact QuiVaH @: 503.515.6975


Album 3 Control / Variable 2007
Album 2 Break the Hold 2004
Album 1 Understatementsand 2002
DVD Break the Hold Live 2005
PANIC - Music Video Single 2006

Set List

We play NO COVERS, All original. Our sets can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. We play individual tracks from our first album and second album as well as new cuts from the upcoming album.