Quiver of Jasper

Quiver of Jasper

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

It's rock. Searing, electric ,noise ridden, psych-garage pop rock with a sometimes folky twist. It's good times. It's something to think about.


QOJ developed at Morehead State University in the dirty, mid 1990's. The band members all cut their teeth on older sibling's vinyl collections featuring bands like Zappa and the Mothers, Moby Grape, Captain Beefheart, and the Rolling Stones. In real time, QOJ absorbed the sounds of Guided By Voices, the Replacements, and Sonic Youth. These influences rolled together into some really unique creations. Independent releases happen along the way. These recordings all sound a bit different based on the attitude and condition of the band when the tape rolls. QOJ has done regional gigging in towns like Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Dayton, Knoxville TN, Charleston WV, and all the holes in between. There have been lots of dive bar shows and eerie festival appearances. Our longevity is alarming, especially to us. Despite our obscurity, it doesn't seem that we can stop. CD reviews in underground mags and occasional college radio airplay does sometimes occur and we go on and on.


"Sleep Injury" (1996 LP),
"Muchacha and the Dirty Taco" (1999 LP), "Don't Trust Fun" (2001 LP), "Sugar Boots" (2003 EP), "Surly" (2004), "Southern Ice Cold Storage" (2006 LP), "When Grins Go Gold" (2010 LP)

Set List

A Quiver of Jasper set list pulls from around 100 original songs from our discography and some unrecorded tunes. An average set is 15-20 songs, 45 minutes or so in length.