Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

Quivers play literate weirdo rock and roll and create absurdist scenes. We can all read and play at least three chords.


From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Quivers have in their brief lifespan played alongside such varied acts as Sloan, Boxer the Horse, The Grown-Ups, Long Long Long, Duzheknew, BA Johnston, Dog Day and many more.

Halifax dudes who also play(ed) in Friendly Dimension, Gideons, Cold Warps, Sweet Tenders, Envision, and on and on, whose first show was broadcast on their campus radio station CKDU. Andrew Neville decided to play tambourine at a show somewhere down the line and never left.

Quivers are interested in creating scenes of absurdity, violence, and pathos. Embracing Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty, Quivers wants to engage the audience and replace ennui with entertainment.

Comparisons have been made to The Oh Sees, The Yardbirds, Television, New York Dolls, Stooges, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dinosaur Jr, and so on. Do what you want with that.


Oscar's Wild/Halifax Pop Explosion Comp - "I've Got Nothing"
(5 song cassette EP on Hot Money Records)
Online Split Single w/ Quaker Parents - "Er"
Hot Money Records 7" w/ Quaker Parents, Long Long Long, Mighty Northumberland - "Communicating Vessels"
Craft Singles Cassette Single (FORTHCOMING)

Set List

Typical sets vary between 20-50 minutes.