"Bean Town kids with an interesting mix that starts off as a slow folky slow dance that builds into a rocker and then switches gears into a jangly pop strums that somehow recall the Doors L.A. Woman. Seriously, its cool. A minor epic." -91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville


Tactfully incorporating simplistic rhythms and hallowed, organic instrumentation, Quixote's self-titled debut album is an array of diverse styles that cohesively mold together creating an album craftily flowing between epic highs and mellowed dips.

The album opens with the staccatoed punch of "Annunaki" and immediately you are on a fierce, unstoppable ride. Flowing into the subtle twang of the violin opening in "Hubris," the song picks up with the energy of Gogol Bordello-esque horns, big band style drums, and the careening down slope of an electric guitar solo. Slowing down the tempo, "Owls" is a stripped down, folk breath of fresh air that leads into the aggressive rumble of "God Damn" which juxtaposes a slower accordion line against thundering drumbeats. The album ends with "Don't Hurt," an effects-infused blues thunderstorm, layering a mystical fog of guitar and airy samples; the band describes the song as displaying the "duality of a dysfunctional relationship both metaphorically speaking and literally sounding," ending mid-sentence, ever so cunningly leaving you wanting more.

"...[they] may have culled their name from an age-old tale of dreams and dreamers, but the band has their collective feet firmly on the ground even if they are also dreaming of something greater. Windmill allusions aside, Quixote’s debut album may be a quick tour through their style of music, but it is a solid start for the group from Massachusetts." -Evelyn Miska, Revolt Mag

Quixote has shared the stage with acts like Neva Dinova, Clem Snide, Via Audio, Drummer, Bowerbirds, Ladyhawk, TUSSLE (from Yemen!), The Heligoats and many more.

Quixote has received airplay from notable radio stations WPRK (Orlando), WRUW (Cleveland), KSZC (Santa Cruz CA), WDOM (Providence), WCDB (Albany NY), WRPI (Albany NY), and WUML (Lowell MA).


God Damn

Written By: Quixote

oh god damn, i blew it again
i must've made a fool of myself
self absorbed and soaking in
i'm feeling like my only friend

until she steps in
and blows me a kiss

oh god damn, i can't do this again
no, i shouldn't let her see me like this
i'm confused and stumbling
over every single word i say

so i'll save those words
for another day
oh god damn

and i know that it's so embarrassing
that i don't remember a word that i spoke
but i woke up alone and still wearing my clothes
i guess i'll stumble home
god damn
oh no


Written By: Quixote

He retreats into his room
I wonder if he's proud of what he's done
Lying naked on the floor
The body of his newborn baby son

And it's so hard to keep my head
When the sheets pull back
And there's someone sleeping in my bed

I wonder how he got there

I'm always shooting for the sky
But those bullets come down
Much faster than they fly
"Kid, I think you best
Start thinking about your life.
Don't end up with as many
Regrets as mine."

Well I've been denied the truth so many times
I'm sure you'll understand why I feel so confined
In an unconscious world, unconsciously identified
with psychological time

He retreats back to his crowd
The one that makes him feel so safe and sound
Where his chest and chin collide
Retaining all the pain that dwells inside

And it's so hard to free his mind
When he's got it locked up so tight

And I say no more free your soul
You've got so much further to go


Written By: Quixote

We say we're not afraid of anything, we've got the facts
But we neglect to recognize our own hypocrisy
We stand so close to the line
I could have sworn we were standing on both sides
Well I think it's about time we slow down and reevaluate our lives

'Cause I keep reminding myself not to aim too high
This world is not ready just yet
To unidentify from words and scheduled time
and neutralize. But we'll never get that far until we try
to understand the size of what's beyond our eyes
and sacrifice so our future isn't covered with the past
It's not too late to take it back

It seems we're searching for so much more than we can take
We settle down, forget to think about choices that we make
We close our minds to the size of what we think is necessary to survive
Well isn't it about time we slow down and reevaluate our lives?

So I'll keep my head held high so there's nothing out of sight
when the world wakes up and opens it's eyes
To free us from our minds where apprehension hides
When we arrive we'll find new possibilities
Where fleeting thoughts subside and we finally recognize
the universe survives long after you and I expire
so make every breath you take worth while

There's only possibility

Don't Hurt

Written By: Quixote

you've ruined this face
it don't smile no more.
it's been tryin' for days
what's it tryin' for?
you've ruined this place
that we made to be ours.
a fleeting glimpse of what should've been is lost.
i thought maybe you'd change,
throw your demons away.
but it's the same old shit,
just a different day.

and i'm not afraid of being alone
but that look that you gave me
gave me so much hope

but now you're a fool for foolish words
like "baby, i do" and "this could work"
but you know the truth, it'll only get worse.
and i know it too,
don't tell me that it don't hurt.

To The Bottom And Back Again

Written By: Quixote

i lost my frame of reference, i was good as dead
i don't know what i was thinking letting myself live that that
it's like i dug myself a hole just to see how far i could fall in
but on the way out of that darkness i swear i heard a choir sing

"your life has just barely begun
and if you're really so brave tell me
what are you running away from?
you'll tear yourself apart until you're torn to pieces
then what will you do?"

you're not alone unless we're all alone
that feeling is temporary
it's a home if you feel at home
and you feel that place is necessary
i know what you're going through
and i know it can be scary
but hold on just a little more
you gotta fight until you're free

Wide Awake Half Alive

Written By: Quixote

i woke up feeling kind of sick
too many drinks last night but i think i'll get used to it
my throat is feeling kind of sore
so when i speak i can't repeat the words i'm looking for

the verse falls apart
condemned to be a mess of words with no melody

when you realize what you're living for
realize your mind has been wired since your feet first touched the floor
you'll have to learn to live with it
or retrace your steps back to day once and then try to resist

and there's no telling what you'll find
and every dream you ever had will seem more like a past life

my brain is dripping through my sinuses tonight
i'm seeing double but i'm blind
i know i'm hungry but i lost my appetite
and i'm still looking for my mind

i'm wide awake
i'm half alive


Written By: Quixote

i was standing on my own two feet
yeah, you should've seen me
my eyes were wide and i couldn't keep the sun from shining on my teeth.
like a bird without a tree. 'aint no turning back for me.
there's still some bridges to be crossed and some places to get lost along the way.

i was born a few miles from here but i was raised to disappear.
i can't remember how long it's been and i'm not sure if i care.
i keep on moving, swing my feet, kick off my shoes, and i exhale to greet the air.
you call it running but the world just keeps on coming
and i'm singing and i'm strumming and the world just keeps on coming

i was standing on my own two feet when this feeling came over me
that sometimes you need to stop and breath and taste the air before you leave

From The Yardarm

Written By: Quixote

from the bedroom to the living room floor
i start crawling my way to the door
away from what i called home
but that apartment has grown so cold

i've been crashed on by too many waves
but i'm not dead, i'm just floating away

i put up a fight for far too long
i don't even know what i'm fighting for
but i pulled my head out of the sand
and finally i began to understand that i could swallow this pain,
start all over again, forget all their names, and free my conditioned brain.
and i had what it takes but just a minute too late.

she calls on the phone,
"hello, how are you joe?
i called because i wanted
you to know that i've changed.
and 'm going away, but when
i come back everything will
be okay."

but just as soon as she rang a wave washed me away.
and i thought i was brave but i had nothing to say.
so i floated away into my watery grave.

but the water feels fine.


Self-titled LP (2009)

Set List

Approx. 40 mins of original material, we also tend to do some freeform jamming to sequence songs together so we can stretch set times to accomodate what you require.

Occasionally we'll do a 60's pop cover, we've done some from The Zombies, The Animals, The Beatles, etc.