Lancaster, California, USA

Recently performed at the famous "HOUSE OF BLUES" in Hollywood , California at NICK CANNON present, Qwality wooed the crowd , garnered new fans and captured the attention of Major Record Executives who are interested in signing him, He won't be independent long, so book him before the deal is done!


From his inception into the industry-- QWALITY has been making waves on his own terms as a singer/songwriter and is bracing for a major impact, 2010 is his time!! His influences are varied, but he stands alone as an RnB triple threat. With an amazing track record, and a group stint with V.E. (Verbal Elements) the California born and bred R&B crooner is deadly and inviting in one. Quite the hook-driven songwriting maverick (in his own right) Q is constantly being eyed by industry A&R's and record execs. Qwality's unique ability to display commercial radio-ready themes with an unparalleled versatility & edge is unlike anything seen in mainstream music today.So Watch out for this phenom...as his star will shine bright and brazen!!

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