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THE SOUND is the bionic future of Hip Hop, a sweet and deadly science perfected in the shadows of bombed-out cities. A vessel for cataclysmic emotions first heard in hallway ciphers. The impressions left by spacecraft on project blacktop.


:::::::On the music side...hiphop in particular, there's alot of things that play a part in how i view music and my approach to it.too many to name, but if one thing caught my attention more than anything, it was the rhyme patterns that the late 80's/early 90's Emcee's were using.

::::::: I listened to cat's like Blacksheep, Slick Rick, Monie Love, the D.O.C. and Q-tip. I was so hyptnotized with how they made the words hit the beat that i'd write down the lyrics to their songs and practice spitting them till i had'em mimicked perfectly. Eventually it just made me want to write and perfect my own. So that's what i did.
so we teleport to 200NOW and here i am. still grinding and growing. Recording and Performing.

:::::::Typical Cats & Outerlimitz make up the small list of groups i roll with. I've released 2 albums apiece with each group plus a solo a few years back. A couple of them have been certified underground classics and i'm in the studio now working on the next couple of solo LP's , so the grind continues...

::::::::i have a strenuous relationship with hiphop music right now. I love it and hate it at the same time. It's like the industry doesn't want to take any risks with the music that's being pushed, and the artists don't want to take risks either...quick to want to trace someone else's sketch.

::::::::: truth be told i'd rather go gold being me, than go diamond as a bad impersonation. To me the spirit of hiphop has always been about having something to say and saying it in your own way. Being on your own shit. All I see and hear on radio and TV though is conformity. Which makes for some boring ass music at times.

Everyone's so concerned about soundscans , critics, peers, a dollar... etc., that they're too afraid to try anything outside the box.

**What i do , and the music i do in the future, will definitely be outside of that box**



Broken Dreams

Written By: M. Brown

Verse 1:

Dishonest promises
mixed w/ a false sense of confidence
hoping that one day you'll wake up and regain conciousness
and realize your acomplishments but
you wonder will that day ever come
on a hospital bed as they take out ya lung
and the truth dot com's that i'm stressed
the proof won't come in the flesh i bet
at least not in this life
but you really wanna get your shit right
and you struggling to make it through the night
while you're lookin at the knife on the table
thinking maybe if i cut a few cables
then i'll be able to leave
and then they won't label me
and then i'll be able to breathe
cause you don't really mean the shit that you say to me
you ain't saving me

Rest in peace from pain
concieved in death
speak his name

i hear soldiers
waiting behind the gates like vultures
screaming he's insane

cause they don't know what it's like
to be caught up in a world
where you hope that things'll change

but of course you know that it's hopeless to focus on broken dreams

Verse 2:

You never thought about who you are
met'em in 96 now you wanna be a superstar
it never was about the loot or the car
you never thought about who you are
came straight out of a long term relationship
without knowing whether or not it's love
or infatuation
fascinated w/ his occupation
fed off your soul
should've learned about yourself as a whole
about who you are
went to church all your life
where the reverend told you who was god
it doesn't even seem a little bit odd to you
you only move when he do but that's cool
it's the only way to teach you
so now i smile at the beast
while he eats you
and shed a tear when he beats
knowing damn well
that when you reach out your hand
we will be there to meet you and lead you


Verse 3:

I gotta pain in my heart
you can see like a stain in the dark
and it came w/ a thought
and it's a shame that i let it grow
everytime shit fall's apart
and let a magazine review it as an art
sit back and watch'em throw darts
criticism tied aroud rocks
got me feeling like i'm ducking gun shots
see me bleeding but nobody wanna go and call the cops
cause nobody on the block wants to get locked
so it's obvious i'm only getting help from myself
yet i keep on letting this bullshit affect my health
letting stress build up
when i should be letting wealth build
it's to the point that in the morning kinda hard to get up and
forget about the hands of time
and just lone out zone out body and mind
and just
forget about the hands of time
and just zone out lone out
body and mind



Wrong Actions for Right Reasons - OuterLimitz (1998)
Typical Cats - Typical Cats (2001)
Walk Thru Walls - Qwazaar (2002)
Civil Service - Typical Cats (2004)
Lost Prevention - OuterLimitz (2005)
Suicide Prevention - OuterLimitz (2005)

Cold Crush - Qwazaar (pending)
Dirty Digital - Qwazaar & Silence (pending)

Set List

Set includes original songs from multiple albums.

Enough for 1 hour of live performance

High energy set for the most part w/ a few cool downs
in between.