Qwik Deville/Poetic Vandals

Qwik Deville/Poetic Vandals

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If you're loving the way that Texas is starting to make its presence felt on the music scene, you need to check out this hard hitting artist out of San Antonio, TX, Qwik Deville. An ear catching mix of down south beats and an aggressive style that people are quickly catching on to.


There has been a significant movement in rap over the last few years. People have started to take a look at Southern Rap a lot more seriously. From Atlanta's crunk music, to Miami's booty bass, all the way to the laid back delivery of Houston rap, the South has created a market for itself and proved that the "Dirty, Dirty" is more than just good food and hot summers. As artists like Slim Thug, Chamillionare, Paul Wall, and Mike Jones gain more and more popularity, all eyes have been fixed on Texas as fans are waiting to see who the next Southern representative will be.
One of the major cities at the forefront of Texas rap is San Antonio, TX. Out of this colorful city comes rap artist Qwik Deville. As an original member of S.A. supergroup Poetic Vandals, Mr. Deville has featured on several Texas albums and opened up for headlining artists such as Juvenile, Mike Jones, Lil Flip, and Chamillionaire to name a few. His upfront lyrics and in-your-face style have made him a favorite among listeners and his lead single "Who Dat?" is being heard in more and more car stereo systems around Texas.
Overall, Qwik Deville is one of the first three solo releases to come out of the Poetic Vandals (J-Roc and Nightmare are the other two). These guys are known to put on a good performance and have developed a following that continues to grow with every show. With the Texas and Latin rap movements nearing full throttle and Payway Records barely in its prime, soon all of the country will be asking the same question......

.....Who Dat?


Current radio singles:
"Who Dat?" Qwik Deville f) Jots

Current album:
Qwik Deville "Born 2 Ball" (2005)

Previous albums:
J-Roc "On My Mind" (2004)
Poetic Vandals "On Top of Thangs" (2004)
Poetic Vandals "Quickest Tongues Down South"(2002)
Underground Committee "self-titled" (2000)
and various mixtapes throughout Texas

Set List

20 min. set (adjustable):

S.A. Town Playaz (3:45)
Doin tha Damn Thang (3:30)
You A Balla (2:45)
Big Thangs (3:30)
Who Dat? (4:30)