my music pays due respect to the guitar slinging heroes of the past, country pickin' one minute, metal licks the next, all the while driven along by live, foot tapin digital drums and pop styled vocal melodies. great songs, fine muscianship with wit!! raw, passionate, original, honest and fun.


My music has been influenced by my life, loves and misadventures. I have played over 6500 gigs in 20 years in over 8 countries and wanna double that number in the next ten years.


"ANIMOSITY" self titled ind. 1996
"Cat Beach" self titled ind. 1999
"Qynn Beardman1" ind. 2001
''QYNN'' ind. 2007
ABC regional radio Western Australia

Set List

All originals, heavily improvised and changes depending on the gig. I have over 100 APRA registered songs written with some of Australia's most decorated song writers.