New York City, New York, USA

“What we do is real and was born here in the city’s streets with all the people who came to this country and joined U.S. multicultural spirit. This is music without borders.”


Founded in 2004 by Peruvian artist Renzo Ortega, R-Tronika is a New York based music project that combines cumbia and punk with electronics; creating a unique sound that reflects the multicultural background of the band’s members and the city they thrive in. The songs, sung in Spanish and English, are inspired by the people and streets of New York City and embody the notion of music without borders.

R-Tronika has performed in a variety of venues and festivals in New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Texas and internationally in Mexico, Lima and Berlin. From D.I.Y. spaces and punk festivals to Museums and Art Galleries. The band’s concerts have been described as explosive and charismatic.


EP ( Ep on Vinyl 2010)

Apple Pie (Album 2009)

Love Consious Songs
(Demos 2006-07)

Set List

Korazon Roto
Apple Pie
9000 Millas
I'm a Hipster
6 Disparos
Apple Pie
I'm a Hipster
La People
Las Estrellas
La Nueva Konciencia