White Plains, New York, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

There's an explosive new R&B trio named "R3PLAY" who have just released their mix-tape. Mere words can not convey what I felt while listening to these guys. It was an experience - "THE R3PLAY EXPERIENCE"


Every once in a while, the music industry gives rise to a sound that resonates through the often unshakable stigma of being classified or labeled; a sound so unique and distinct that, when heard, can only be described as an experience that appeals to the senses of all who encounter it. "R3PLAY" is in possession of such a sound, and, as a result, the world of music is about to pass the baton to its newest pioneers.

It would not be an overstatement to say that "R3PLAY" has been in the making, and evolving since its members, two brothers and a cousin, were born. The nurturing and development of the child prodigies has brought forth a trio unlike anything heard in today's "cookie cutter" generation. The "R3PLAY" sound is uniquely fluid, enchanting, and yet, two-fisted. At times you will dance, at times you will stomp: and at times you'll just have to close your eyes and listen.

"R3PLAY" is comprised of :

Mike “Mikey Fresh” Brice, who will help himself into your imagination by weaving elaborate tales with captivating anomalies set to his original beats;

Jonathan “Jonny Prise” Regis, who will keep you on your toes as he showcases the dexterity with which he manipulates the English language - using a tirade of metaphors designed to be thought provoking; and

Harry “Maestro” Brice, who is able to cool it down and heat it up simultaneously, with his velvety penetrating voice guaranteed to have the ladies swooning and the men just appreciating the vibes. Similar in style to Brian McKnight, “Maestro” brings back the era of the serenade, while adding to it his own brand of smooth.

More than just music, the "R3PLAY EXPERIENCE" is guaranteed to deliver over and over again. The GOOD NEWS is that when you get to the end of the last track, all you have to do is REPLAY "R3PLAY


Mix-Tape - "The R3PLAY Experience"
L.P. - In the works.