Brooklyn, New York, USA
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RAAA ("Rebellious Against All Ahead") is a Brooklyn-based record label featuring artist Ceddyjay, a 18YO rapper/MC who performs explosive, raw live rap/rock music for major concerts & events with a live band. His music is a fusion of street/conscious rap with heavy rock influences. RAAA won a slot to perform at AfroPunk Fest '15 which got rave press reviews and lead to a subsequent return invitation to perform at AfroPunk Fest 2016, as well as an opportunity to perform at SummerStage/BK 2016.


Ceddyjay/Rebellious Against All Ahead (RAAA) – Originally founded as a rap collective in 2013, RAAA (@raaaxr3a) has evolved into a record label, featuring the hottest new rapper out of Brooklyn, Ceddyjay (@ceddyjay_). Over the past several years, Ceddyjay has established himself in the NYC underground hip-hop scene, especially within the past year as RAAA’s youth movement has gained credibility and notoriety. Known for his wildly raw and explosive live performances as a rap/rock artist with a youthful energy unmatched by anyone currently on the scene, Ceddyjay always blows his audiences away! 

Highlights: AfroPunk Fest 2016 (8/28/16); Gramercy  Theater (8/20/16) SummerStage/BK 2016 (6/19/16.) Won Afro Punk 2015 Battle of the Bands and performed at Afro Punk Fest 8/22/15 in Brooklyn; named "Top 10 Performers Not to Miss" and "Top 10 Epic Performances" at Afro Punk by The Village Voice; Harlem Creates Music Festival 8/30/15; Fair on the Square Festival in the Bronx (7/15); headlined “RAAA Bashes” (Sept. '14/Le Poisson Rouge; Dec. ‘14/SOBs; have performed at venues in Mass., CT, New York/NYC, NJ, Washington, DC, & Georgia; tracks & videos reaching several thousand likes/shares/plays without formal promo (“Beast Coast” – 33K+ views on YouTube; “Coastal Playas” – 15K+ spins on SoundCloud; “All Day” freestyle – 7K+ views on FB, etc.) Ceddyjay performed at an official A3C Showcase in 2014.

FB - @RAAAxR3A; IG - @raaaxr3a; twitter - @RAAAxR3A; SoundCloud - @RAAAxR3A; YouTube - RAAAR3A


Cedric “Ceddyjay” Preval – 17YO CEO/Founder of “Rebellious Against All Ahead” (RAAA); lead rapper/hip-hop lyricist & entertainer who started rapping at age four & has been wowing audiences ever since. He has won multiple rap competitions & performed on an official showcase at A3C, in addition to leading RAAA through their win at Afro Punk. He is currently a Sr at High School for Art & Design.

FB – Ceddyjay Archipelago; IG – @ceddyjay_; twitter - @ceddyjay_; SC - @ceddy_jay; YouTube - CeddyjayRAAA

Romario “Klipa Beats” Samuels – 21YO producer and hype man. Originally from Jamaica, Klipa started learning his craft as a producer while in high school at workshops held at Brooklyn College.

FB –  Romario Samuels; IG – @klipa_beats; twitter - @KlipA_BEATS