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"Good Nite Irene are vocal talents"

They may not have become pilots, actors or superheroes, the dream professions of their childhood, but at least members of local Victoria band Good Nite Irene have found each other. Together, they combine their minds and talents to create a new sound to the never-ending world of rock music.

The band—composed of Kris Degaust on guitar and lead vocals, Kyle McNicol on guitar, Gavin Powel on bass, and Adam Somers on drums—is re-grouping after roughly a half-year break. “We’re taking stuff, changing it, and seeing what we can do with it,” said Powel.

The band’s music has a unique feel to it. Unlike many rock bands, the vocals don’t get dragged behind the music. Instead, they seem to lead the music on. The drums, guitar and bass all balance out, complementing each other. The four musicians make it happen, as they obviously love what they do, joking around with each other while they get down to business.

Influenced by almost every genre of music, Degaust noted a few specifics: Thom from Radiohead, Bono from U2 and Chino from Deftones for vocals; Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Depeche Mode for guitar. Somers, McNicol and Powel all agree that NoFX is definitely an influence too.

“Any style helps you learn something about your instrument,” said Powel.

Good Nite Irene started when Degaust met McNicol in college and they started jamming together in 2001. They played their first two gigs with Somers and their original bassist, who later left to play guitar for another band. Powel took his place. “I thought they were so cool and begged them to let me play with them,” Powel laughed.

They’ve released a self-titled EP, as well as the single “Wreckin’ Ball.” They’re working on a full-length album, and already have five songs. The album was supposed to be out this year, but because of their break the release was delayed. They’re planning to release it in early 2004.

At the moment they’re also working on a music video for their song “On The Brink,” which they’re going to finish filming at their concert this month. “So if you want to be in the video, come to the show,” said Degaust.
- Rebecca Peric The Martlet

"New Music West, Jury Panel - March 2002"

-Music is good. Cool Vocals..catchy slowish stuff. There's an awesome mood through out the song. I like how it changes and stuff. Instead of it being so boring and flat.

-Hmm, singing remind me of Peter Gabriel for some strange reason, until the scream as 'Wreckin' Ball' ends. I like the guitar tone you get in the last minute of the song as well. 'Everything Changes' would probably go well over the radio. I'd love to hear the guitars louder in the mix, a nice big wall of sound a la MBV. Its still not bad the way it is now.

-Very cool guys. Particularily Wreckin Ball, had me hankering for some of my favorite Ultravox records from the early 80's. The songs have strong commercial potential and are presented quite uniquely. I'd like to hear more.

- New Music West, Jury Panel - March 2002

"good nite irene"

"We don't want to be famous." These words from the guitar player of Good Nite Irene seem fairly inaccurate, considering this band seems to be headed full force towards big things. Described as having "slow-core melodies and haunting lyrics" by New Music Canada, CBC, and "not the classic tune but hard-rock ranting" by Monday Magazine, Good Nite Irene is a killer new rock band in the Victoria scene that just gets getter and better with every show the play. With music compared to that of U2, Coldplay, and Nirvana, the band consists of Kris Degaust on guitar and vocals, Adam Somers on drums, Gavin Powell on bass, and Kyle McNicol on guitar. Good Nite Irene has only been around since January, which is surprising considering their tight playing and excellent songwriting. "Kyle and I met in college and we started doing open mics together," said Degaust during an interview at their 18th live show at Victoria's Ingy Bar. "He was friends with Gavin and Adam, and the four of us have been together about six months." Each member of the band contributes to the songwriting process, giving them a unique sound containing blends of rock, punk, New Age, and grunge with a soft edge for great listening. "We're finally getting our own sound as a band together," say Powell. "I think the next couple of months are going to be really crucial months for us, because we're all starting to get a lot tighter as a band and coming into some really good new material." "With this type of music it's easier to expand and broaden our horizons musically," adds Somers. Although playing in Good Nite Irene originally started as more of a hobby than a full-time job for the band's members, it's getting to the point now where they're considering bringing the band to the top of their priority list. "As for future goals, right now we're just trying to play a lot," says Degaust. They have a rough six-song EP now, but plan to either record another higher quality six-song EP or possibly even release a 10-song CD. They're also working with a director to get a music video recorded as well as trying to spark some interest in some management and distribution companies. "We're just going to try and keep playing for now," says Degaust, "We've only been together six months, so we're not in a big rush right now and we're happy with our progress so far." Although the band is considering touring other parts of North America sometime in the future, they're happy right now with the Victoria music scene. "The rave scene kind of took over and killed all the live music for a while," says Degaust. "But right now it seems really strong. Rock bands are making a big comeback." They're taking a break until January, Good Nite Irene will be back in full force in the coming months. - Sarah Van Male, Nexus News


2000 polly-anna (good nite irene)
2001 Self Titled ( good nite irene)
2003 On The Brink (good nite irene)
2006 Self Titled (Rabbit)
2009 List of Secrets (Rabbit)



Genre: Rock
Origin: Victoria B.C.
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Rabbit+(Canada)/List+Of+Secrets
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/rabbitband23
Rabbit is the new incarnation of the band good nite irene originally formed in 1999 by Kris Degaust. As good nite irene the band toured and recorded three albums from 1999 until 2003. After taking a year hiatus Degaust reformed the band in 2004. Having a new cast the band decided to rename to Rabbit. Rabbit released their first commercially available album "List of Secrets" on April 5th 2009. The album is currently receiving solid airplay on college radio across the U.S.A and Canada. List of Secrets was the CMJ #12 Top Add Dec 8th 2009. A new album is currently in the works and is due to be released in March 2010

Some of the bands we've played with:
The Armchair Cynics (604 records)
Sense Field (Nettwerk)
Run The Red Light (formally Retrograde)
Jets Overhead
The Set

Musicians we've recorded with:
Adam Sutherland (Armchair Cynics) Guitar/Background Vocals/Keys - On The Brink (good nite irene)
Kenn Coutu (Armchair Cynics) - Harmonies on Sara - List of Secrets
Adam Sutherland (Armchair Cynics) - Keyboards - List of Secrets