Rabbit Punch

Rabbit Punch


Lo-fi Dance Monsters from the forest moon of Endor....college friends making electronicollage music using found, experimental, and blissful tones and instruments. We have a drummer and matching hats.


Rabbit Punch is Neal Mackowiak, JT Bringardner, and David Levesque. No one in the band has lip or nose piercings.
Rabbit Punch makes blissed out electronicollage dance music. Who also make music for Burt Reynolds on the beach with his shirt off. Or Rabbit Punch makes music to speak up for endangered species.

Rabbit Punch is a visually arresting, sonically vibrant, eco-friendly choice for any festival or Sad Dad Birthday Party.

Recently played with Neon Indian on their Florida tour,
Rabbit Punch will freak you out but be nice to your children!


Crystal Chalice of Pure Liquid Imagination (VHS Trilogy)

Set List

Rabbit Punch setlists are short, meaty, and textured for your enjoyment. The bank generally play 20-25 minutes of continuous electronic samples and live percussion and instrumentation.

Songs include but are not limited:

Rabbit Pinch
Rabbit Bliss
Tire Camísa
Tag Team Bon Voyage
Night Drive
I will try and guide you
Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit Punch performs a cover of Genuine's "Pony" and has chopped and screwed (so to speak)