Rabbbit Rabbit is a cathartic four-leaf clover of lyrical pop and fuzz. It is clap your hands good fortune music. If you listen to Rabbit Rabbit tonight, you just might win your own personal lottery tomorrow.


Rabbit Rabbit derived from a batch of songs written on a neglected thrift store guitar. Johnny Anchors played the drums for fifteen years until the heartache set in. That was when he learned some chords, spilled some lyrics on a page and borrowed a four track. For about a year he constructed the pieces of an accidental album. All Anchors knew was that it was cathartic, and something was unraveling. When the first ten songs were complete Achors decided to call longtime friend Justin Thorpe in Portland, Oregon. Thorpe produced such bands as Coral Sea and played with Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols. He agreed to record the first Rabbit Rabbit album, Curtains and Curfews. Anchors flew out to Portland with long time friend and former bandmate (Luxurious Python-Bass), Dave Bonaskiewich, sinced named "The Angry Polack". They also called up Jeff Trapp, formerly of Everclear, to play lead guitar. The four of them spent an interesting ten days in the studio and out came a truely inspired album.

Rabbit Rabbit is not a myth. It is the preservation of good luck. "Who knows what I would have gravitated toward if I hadn't picked up that old six string. I never imagined I would be singing in a band, but here we are, and its been an interesting road getting here. I am just going to keep writing music until I feel it's out of my system, but right now I'm thinking that is a long way away."
-Johnny Anchors

Dave Bonaskiewich, "The Angry Polack", has been pounding his Fender Precision bass for almost 15 years. He's a straight-up rocker who's not afraid to keep it simple. In other words, he's a knuckle-dragger. Influenced by all the classics, Ramones, The Who, and Thin Lizzy among many others.

Born in Washington, D.C., "John Shade Vick", picked up his first guitarafter listening to U2's 'The Joshua Tree' and Midnight Oil's'Diesel And Dust'. He has previously performed in three bands, rangingin style from post-punk and shoegaze to folk and blues. He has co-composed thesoundtracks for three independent feature films, and contributed music for webcontent produced by the New York Institute of Photography. As a member of RabbitRabbit, John finally gets to rock.

Chris Plaisted, "Chromeo Skins", is an atypical banger who beat his way into local music lore with nearly legendary bands such as RED and Shady People. Skins' chameleon-like ability to interpret musical nuances has made him indespensible to every project he's been in since he was thirteen. Right now Chris' ipod is rockin' everything from Maceo Parker to John Mayer.

Multi-instrumentalist Carl Cleaver, "Splenda", has demonstrated near competence on such diverse instruments as bass guitar, piano, guitar, synthesizer, trumpet, French horn, recorder, and triangle. Splenda has performed in a number of bands in a plethora of styles. He uses Kurzweil PC3 and K2661 keyboards, and Barbetta Sona monitors. Splenda's musical prowess was once demonstrated by his working knowledge of 17 polkas. When asked of this achievement, he humbly responds "That was a very very long time ago".

It is clear why Johnny Anchors decided to put this group of talented musicians together to help spread the good fortune that is called "Rabbit Rabbit"!


Curtains and Curfews- realease date, Summer '09

Philly from 1/09 and now in rotation every Sunday on 98.9 WMMO Orlando, FL

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Set List

We typically play about a 45 minute set.
1. Why Cant I Have You
2. If We Only Knew (Summer Song)
3. Wrecking Ball (Capo Song)
4. Weight of the World
5. District #3
6. Wishing Well
7. You Left the Car On
8. Cover- "Head On" by The Jesus and Mary Chain
8. Kids