Rabbit Season

Rabbit Season


Rabbit Season is an art pop four -piece based in Toronto. Lush synths, echoing guitars, crooning vocals, parading bass lines and earthy percussion all mold into an original musical creation with boundary exceeding tendencies.


Rabbit Season is a Toronto based band consisting of Thom Paulozza (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Jordan Wood (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Andrew Roy (Bass), and Dean Wales (Drums). Thom Paulozza and Jordan Wood performed in the band The Great Awake and have played venues across Canada. Andrew Roy is a former roadie for Metric and was previously involved in the Hamilton music scene. Dean Wales also plays in a band called DVAS, who have label representation by Upper Class Records. Rabbit Season originated in 2006 and has grown from a bedroom electronic to an art pop four piece. Rabbit Season has played shows with acts such as Junior Boys, Kid Cudi, More Proof Dj`s, Aiden Baker and most recently the Off The International Radar EP release showcased by the label Hand Drawn Dracula. Festival shows performed by the band include NXNE, Pitter Patter and Toronto venues including The Boat, Tiger Bar, Clintons, The Drake Underground and The Garrison. To date, Rabbit Season`s debut album "Slow Math" has been confidently distributed in the U.K. by Forte Music. We have been reviewed by Picadilly Records, Rough Trade Records, I Heart Music and Eye Weekly. Rabbit Season plans to push their soon to be released " Miracle Worker" EP early 2010.


Album "Slow Math" 2006
EP " Miracle Worker" unreleased

Set List

Set list : Sail, Hari, Minds, Stay and Wait for the Luck, Go Home Running (runtime 35 minutes)