Rabbits on Trampolines

Rabbits on Trampolines


If the ‘70’s New York Glam hooked up with the ‘60’s British Invasion, and they did, well, what bunnies do, Rabbits on Trampolines would emerge as their sexy rock-and-roll offspring. These harmonizing hares don’t need a trampoline to shoot them to the top. Rockin’ Rabbits can’t be caged!


After the age of the atomics had long passed and all that remained were the skeletal ruins of man, machine, and the great cities, many believed the age of rock’n’roll had passed into oblivion like gentle mist in the breeze. Hope was found, though, when from the playful depths of a Rabbit Hole emerged the resuscitating sound of rock-n-roll: a peculiar group of hard-hitting hares who, having helped develop the Fibonacci series and consequently losing many members of the warren to the Sweet Abuse of scientific inquiry, now decided to try their hand at rescuing the human race from a rock-less future. Sporting a pithy blend of toe-tapping Beatle Beats and sing-along serenades, this Invincible band of Rabbits set out on a mission to restore rock music to the good Earth and it's surviving occupants. In order to cover great masses of land and life, they constructed a Trampoline so powerful they could jump to great Altitudes and spread their infectious music up into the Earth's atmosphere, raining down rock’n’roll to the Beautiful Lay of life below. Since these Rabbits emerged, many a life has been changed and made Better Again (afar cry from Unkind Days indeed!).


Rabbits on Trampolines: Self titled CD
Rabbits on Trampolines: Self titled DVD

Set List

A typical set list may include the following original songs: Shadows, How do You Feel?, Better Again, Sweet Abuse, Altitude, Shelter Me Margaret, Beautiful Lay, 5am Again, Removed, and Never Say to name a few. The band plays a plethora of covers as well spanning from 60's British Pop-Rock to todays newest music. Set lengths can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as an hour and a half. The band can perform one off concert sets or a full evening of music broken up in two or three sets. Whats your pleasure?!