Rabble N Rebellion

Rabble N Rebellion

 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

When people ask members of Rabble N Rebellion what kind of music they play, the band members look up with a smirk and say Rock N Roll! This often surprises people who are use to hearing answers like punk rock or post industrial hardcore metal rap. The members of Rabble N Rebellion don’t even know how to categorize them selves. They just know that they want to bring back the fun of early Rock and Roll, before emo and hardcore music depresses it! Their set list explores the foundations of rock fr


It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock and Roll, and Rabble N Rebellion has been scraping their way up that ladder since they started nearly a year ago. Starting out just where they wanted to in the literal Myrtle Beach underground of The Basement. Taking any show they could get, they were first paired with experimental metal bands and hardcore emo bands, that just didn’t fit there style. After realizing there potential Rabble N Rebellion starting getting shows with local greats like the Baboon Brigade, Below the Baseline, Shark-legs, and the Independents. They were even given a chance to play with road acts like the Willie Heath Neal band, Evelyn Rose, and the Koffin Kats. This took their music out of the underground and put them in local Venues like Drink! And Island Bar. All these are just stepping stones for the band that wants to reach the limits of where their music can take them, and challenge those limits!

The members of the band Rabble N Rebellion make up an interesting bunch of characters that collide for a sound like no other. Their singer Pablo who has spent much of his life on the road and on the run, has a hard life hard luck attitude that has got him this far. Along with learning a few trades, like auto repair and tattooing. He also picked up song writing, playing guitar, and bass. Playing Bass for several bands, it is not until he met Willy, who was looking to start a dirty blues rock band that he would take his chances at being a lead singer. Combining a southern blues voice with a punk rock growl, he has fun with it ever since! Willy is a guitar player that is not afraid to take chances and it shows in his powerful playing style. Wither it was making skateboard videos, comedy videos, or writing songs, Willy stayed busy as a child learning to express his creative side. A side that he learned to take into the culinary arts field to make two kinds of dough! It was while in culinary arts college that Willy realized he wanted to bring back his childhood dream of becoming a rock-star. He started first by doing stand up comedy to get on stage, and then formed his band Hooligan’s Law. It was through the years after that where he would learn how tough it is to keep a band together. Till he met Jorden, a young rocker who had a drive to learn that got him on-stage playing bass in his first year of playing. It was after watching the movie Crossroads that Jorden and his roommates decided to start a band. Jorden would first need to learn some more about the bass he had only just started to mess around on. Through a few lessons by Willy and a few hundred practice hours on expert level guitar hero, He was able to learn to play bass very quickly. He was then able to write his own bass parts for all the songs and really take command of his bass position in his first band. The band needed a solid beat to keep it going. Enter Old-school Diggity Dave on drums. Pablo had talked to Diggity Dave, who was his neighbor at the time, many times about playing in bands. It was only a short time after Pablo joined Rabble N Rebellion that the drummer position became available. This gave Dave a perfect chance to show off his versatile drum style that fit perfectly with the dirty punk to funk styling’s of Willy on guitar. Shaking off the dust and jumping back on drums after a few years away from a set. Oldschool Diggity Dave was able to solidify his spot in the band after one solid jam session. With a humble attitude and a drive to play music Dave pushed the band into the driving rock and roll force it has become!

Set List

We Raised the Dead
1000 Ways in
I Am
Devils Ole lady
Kill the Disco
Over Your Shoulder
All Night Long
Sweet Thang
Go Away