Race Odyssey

Race Odyssey


Race Odyssey Rocks Straight Out Of The New York Streets With Double Attack Guitars Sounding Like Their Influences Like KISS,Mountain,Zeppelin & Stones With A Millenium Production !!


Race Odyssey Has Risen To The NY Music Circuit Back In 2002 Making Headway Into the Mainstream Of Rock n Roll. Sharing The Stage With The Talented Joe Lynn Turner , ZEBRA , Y&T , Joe Bonamassa , The Good Rats & Many More !! They Know How To Handle A Crowd & Giving Em' More Than Their Monies Worth !! Music & Performance ... A Class Act !


Why Can't It Be Me ?

Written By: John Race

Hey There Girl You Took Me For A Ride
Your Something I Want
Your Something I Need
Hey Pretty Girl,Don't You Bite The Hand That Feeds

Why Can't It Be Me..(2X)

Can't Ya See Me Baby
That I Want You All The Time
Can't Ya See Me Baby
That I Want Your Hand In Mine

Why Can't It Be Me..(3X)

It Was Said...Times Before
I Can't Say It ...Anymore
Everytime I Think About You...
My Feelings ...End Up.... On The Floor... Right On The Floor

I Can't Go On... Livin' Like This Anymore
Seeing You Much Too Often,Baby..
Baby.. I Want More....

Why Can't It Be Me..(4)


Race Odyssey EP
Wriiten By Johnny Race & Chris Wider,Joe Currie
Produced By Johnny Race
Engineered By Don Casale
With Special Guests...Felix Hannemann , Bonnie Parker & Denny Colt & Joe Cumia

Set List

Set List 45 min. / 60 min.
One Powerful Set & Toss In A Few Covers By Such Artists As KISS , Mountain , Janes Addiction, Clapton.