Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

The music is clad in fast intense guitar riffs broken by daring solos, a tight heavy rhythm section, all topped off with a fierce masculine vocal jeering you to rock along.


Inspired by true American blues, and the monumental urban hard rock of the last 25 years, Racer has merged the power of USA with the frosty and playful climate of

In a time of many professionally engineered bands, Racer is something as old fashioned
as garage band -five guys brought together in the love of hard fast rock n' roll. There are not many garages in Copenhagen City, but for the last three years the band has worked tirelessly to make the finest rock n' roll in an
abandoned janitor's room.

In their numerous concerts on the leading music venues of Copenhagen, Racer has supported the, at the time, number one on the Danish music charts, Celina Ree, among other important acts.

Racer as a band is all about being better, faster and more entertaining, and the only rule being: everybody should have a good time while doing it.


one demo EP, called 'Racer'. no tracks with airplay

Set List

Intro - Lighter - Sugar on Black - Steel Tears - D.Q. - Supersonic Ejaculation - Closer - Portland - Sex by Machine. Extra: TEmptation. Typical set length: 40-60 min., no covers done so far.