Alternative-folksy-soul. Mindful lyrics, infectious grooves


This sound, is a fusion of folk, latin, R&B, and jazz... influences: James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Teddy Hawkins, Alana Davis, Brand New Heavies, KBF, Indigo Girls, Ericka Badu, Jill Scott, Van Hunt, Shawn Colvin, and many more.

"They build too low who build beneath the skies" annonymous


Finally You're Back

Written By: Rachael Santos

Tracks upon this road,
another pair.
And many ones before,
traveled many miles with me
But ain't no miles finer,
then the ones I went with you
So if only for a moment,
let me believe it's true.

That finally you're back
finally you're back,
To pacify these salty eyes
and lay these tears to rest

Ain't nothing like it,
no better high.
Then the lovin that we do,
the way I feel each time.
Baby, I like that I need you,
Can you hear it in my eyes?
Can you hear them call your name, and say..

Finally you're back
Finally you're back
To pacify these salty eyes
and lay these tears to rest

I don't want no guarentees
cuz I know you can't give them to me
Tomorrows expecting,
that you'll keep me guessing,
and baby, that's alright with me

Since You Been Gone

Written By: Rachael Santos

Since you've been gone
Since I've been wrong
My heart's been so heavy
my heart's been so full

Since you've been gone
I've been thinkin,
and I've been drinkin
and I've been wondering
where I belong

All I got is
this goddamn song

I am a strong woman
But I have one weakness
Your love it seems
has dropped me to my knees again

When I go out
I just spend money
and I try sometimes
to smile at somebody
but it all just ends the same
A lonely thing calling your name

All I got is
this goddamn song

Where do I put this heart?
Do I just leave it
Out here bleeding
How do I come back to myself?
I've got to remove
these shards of you

Starry Night

Written By: Rachael Santos

Stars packed tightly in your eyes
Where missions and contradictions
We were both looking for a muse
So I drove hours out of my way.
I made up stories in my head
Just like I was trained to do
But we're both big kids
and I know I'll grow out of you

I leave it up to them
the prisms of the sky
What you write
I will read
Give me one more chance
I will make it right
Throw my line to the night

Bottle your time
bottle my time
Keep runnin on these dreams around me
For your sunny love,
I shut my eyes
To know it's glow,
To know if so,
incase it's mine.

I leave it up to them
The prisms of the sky
What you write
I will read
Just give me one more chance
I will make it right
Throw my line to the night


Written By: Rachael Santos

You were staring out the window malcontented.
I was singing in the shower reinvented.
You tell your guitar all the secrets that's been pending
and I crack my window so your song can find a way in.

I see your face,
hear you footsteps at night,
I wonder if you ever play
with me in mind.

Tell me so
Tell me it's alright
You wanna be
In my arms tonight
Somewhere in between
All the melodies
You wanna be my only radio

I was convinced
that this town was over-rated
When you moved next door
my theory was deflated
You said in passing once,
'It's only complicated,
if we forget about the music
that we're made of'

I turn the TV off at a quarter to nine
and wait so patiently for that beautiful ride

Tell me so
Tell me it's alright
You wanna run to my arms tonight
somewhere in between
all the melodies
you wanna be my only radio

Just don't play a love song
cuz I'm afraid I got the blues
I'm squeezin my pillow tight
Won't you let me be your muse

repeat chorus

Don't Hate

Written By: Rachael Santos, Dre, C Taylor

You can buy me diamonds
Ain't no wonder why you buying em
But you know I don't require em
To re-inspire us
Finer things in life aren't things
and the more we buy
the more we need
Got rims on the hamster wheel
turn, baby turn
Been down this road a hundred times
Will we ever learn?

A world of runways
Gucci mentality
Sunday through Sunday
Need to buy to be
Fiendin for the fame
Don't hate the player
Hate the game

When I look in your eyes
I see the fire fly
So entranced to even glance
At what you've designed
I know it ain't your fault
You want these things
The president himself will bomb
for bling..
Get your kicks before
they get you, and they always do.

Repeat chorus

I tried to play the game
But it seems my soul
got in the way
I don't know if it's right or wrong
But for me it's the only way
The truest thing behind the screen
Is in our midst and ever green
It brings our hearts to sing
closer, much closer to home.


Collaborations include:
Robert Brookins of "Earth, Wind, & Fire" (2003-2004)
Derick (DOA) Allen (2003-2004)
Cornell West Project (2003) soon to be released on Hidden Beach
Dwayne Wiggens of Tony Toni Tone (2004)
"Me & Mrs Jones" blockbuster film soundtrack (2004)
Roger Smith of Tower of Power (2003, 2006)
Bongo Post (2006) TV and Radio Commercials

Roger Smith on his latest album, "Just Enough". The tracks entitled, "Just another day". (2004)
Also appearing on the soundtrack of the Blockbuster film, "Me and Mrs. Jones". (2004) The song is playing in a love scene :) and at the closing credits. Fun, fun..

Set List

Set 1

Fall Out
Close To Nothing
Starry Night
Since You Been Gone
Love Lies
Shut my Eyes

Set 2

In The Blue
Last Night
Want Your Love
Such A Friend
Jubu's Tune