Rachael Davis

Rachael Davis

 Bath, Michigan, USA

A contemporary songwriter who is equally at home singing traditional ballads of Cole Porter or Joe Henry. "...a voice older than her years; an instrument that is equally sure expressing strength and vulnerability. her songwriting is fearlessly eclectic." - Ben Edmonds - Detroit Free Press


Rachael Davis - Park Lake, MI

Born, raised and surrounded by old-time string bands, Rachael Davis starting singing with her parents band, Lake Effect, at the age of eight. Her teens were spent playing festival, theater and concert stages while an interest in songwriting emerged. With the help of her father, she soon had a Banjo in hand and was playing her own songs. In the span of her ten-year solo career, she has toured internationally, released three independent records and won numerous awards coast to coast –among them a Boston Music Award and Telluride Troubadour Songwriters Award. 2008 is also looking bright: Rachael is a proud new mother and is on the heels of a new release “Antebellum Queens” in March.

fun facts:
- Rachael has attended the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, MI every year of her life.
- Her Boston Music Award comes in handy daily as a doorstop in her home.
- She has received speeding tickets in 9 (Nine) US States.


Minor League Deities - 2001
Live in Breman, Germany - 2004
Antebellum Queens - 2008

Set List

Rachael thrives in a concert setting, playing a mix of original, traditional & cover songs. Listening rooms work best, sets range from 45 minutes to an hour.