Rachael Hurt

Rachael Hurt


Rachael's sound is a mix if Sara Barellies, Colby Caliet and Fiona Apple singing about Jesus! Her shows are fun, entertaining and demonstrate the love of Christ.


Rachael Hurt is an independent artist who got her start in the music industry at the tender age of twelve. With a birthday gift from her mom, Rachael recorded Her first single in a small studio tucked behind a guitar store in Louisville, Kentucky. With that first recording Rachael knew that this was her path in life. Rachaels love of people, music and most of all Christ drives her daily to share the truth of Christ with everyone She meets. The Kentucky Native moved to Nashville just 6 months ago and have been met with high expectation. Having won Best of Show at this years GMA Music in the Rockies event and performed beside artists like David Crowder Band, Kutless, Mary Mary, and Leeland at this years Night of Joy at Walt Disney Studios, Rachael is beginning to build a platform that far exceeds the size she would have ever dreamed. " I am just so excited that the Lord has seen fit to give me the opportunity to speak and sing of His glory with a ever growing number of people."



Written By: Rachael Hurt

I was unaware of the chains that bound me tightly
I was unaware of the bars that caged my soul
I was unaware of this ball and chain I drug behind me night and day and I didn't know that I could let it go
I was unaware of my diare situation
I was unaware that my problem had a name
I was unaware of the might hand that held me up and let me stand and said I could be a child of the King

Cause you stepped down from your holy of holies
Exposing the world and revealing your glory
bringing new life to the weak and the lowly
You answered my prayer, You made me aware of your glory

I am now aware of my lack of independence
I am now aware that my life if not my own, no no
I am now aware that every breath will lead me in to life or death so I'll choose the way that brings you the glory

of your holiness, majesty, the mighty blood you shed for me
Your richeousness and your purity
all the things I can not be
My sinfullness my depravity
and lord I fall down on my knees
I thank you Lord, Thank you Lord
Cause you stepped down from your holy of holies, You changed my whole world and revieled to me your glory ya, you brought me new life though I'm weak and I'm lowly you and answered my prayer, You made me aware of your Glory

Holy holy is the Lord almight the whole earth is filled with His glory


Aware (Single 2007)
Rachael Hurt (Album 2008 April)

Set List

Selections from original material and as well as incorporating the following covers on a semi-regular basis:

“Bubbly” – Colbie Callet

“Give me one Reason” – Tracy Chapman

“How great is our God” – Chris Tomlin

“By and By” – Jennifer Knapp

“Come and Listen” – David Crowder

"Living on a Prayer"- Bon Jovi