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Rachael Pollard

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF

Denver, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Live Review-Laura Gibson 3/12/2009"

Rachael Pollard performed a short, 30-minute set next, the perfect picture of a school librarian hosting a singalong, with added quirky eros. Her playing was nothing short of brilliant and well matched by her songwriting. She started with a rousing version of “Plain Girl,” emphasizing a country drawl at times, that forced a quick grin on the crowd. Perfectly light and poignant versions of “Alexandria,” and “Oops — I Did it Again” (not a cover of the Britney drivel) showed Pollard’s wise, toughened interior, a surprising juxtaposition to her seemingly frail casing. As small as the crowd was, it was obvious that each was hanging on nearly every word and giggle, and felt the heartbreak with her. - Reverb- division of Denver Post- by Billy Thieme

"Live Review: Bad Weather California 6/9/09"

This setting was more than perfect for local folk guitarist and songwriter Rachael Pollard, who opened the show with her warm voice and finger-strummed songs. She performed songs from her self-released full length, “A Good Thing,” as well as several new pieces, projecting an unrestrained and genuine warmth. - Reverb- division of Denver Post- by Sarah Slater

"Six DNC events worth watching 8/22/08"

As the Democratic National Convention was held in Denver, The Westword listed a few choice events to see. I'm listed in the #2 spot! - The Westword

"Various Artists - A Moveable Feast 3 9/20/07"

"The Desert" (my song on the compilation) is "...a devastating effort"... - The Westword

"Sensational sounds coming out of Denver right now-review of Denver Post Underground Showcase8/4/08"

Rachael Pollard and friends at the Kabal Rug Kilm. Speaking of Nine Inch Nails covers, a highly unlikely one ("Down In It" done like a 1930s flapper?!) popped up at the most gorgeously cool venue of the weekend. This loft-like Persian rug gallery was temporarily converted into a singer-songwriter stage for solo artists and some fantastic collaborations, such as this one with Pollard, Gregory Alan Isakov and Julie Davis from Bela Karoli. While we lounged around on stacks of $35,000 rugs (don't spill that beer), a steady stream of Colorado musicians plucked, strung, and hummed their lovely songs. It all took on a near-mystical air in that setting. The festival did an exceptional job of lining up original groupings of artists collaborating with those from other bands, which lent a great spirit of local pride and the making of something unique together.

[listen] Crazy For You - Rachael Pollard (charming little song)achael Pollard - I Am Fuel,You Are Friends-music review website

"Record Store Show Review 1/10/12"

Then Rachael Pollard played. Rachael has been playing around Denver for more than a decade. In fact, the first time I saw her was at Double Entendre. So, there ya go, Denver’s history alive and well! Last Sunday all 35 people in the store became silent as soon as she began. It’s as though, no matter how close you sit, or how intently you listen, it’s not close enough. Anyways, this video from the 2008 Denver Post Underground Music Showcase gives you a near approximation of her ability to capitivate: - Growler Records

"Rachael Pollard album review by Tom Murphy 7/17/08"

Rachel Pollard's first full-length is filled with delicate, melancholic poetry and winsome reverie. While Pollard often sings about heartbreaking experiences with the hindsight of wisdom, her outlook and delivery are informed by a certain innocence that welcomes the pitfalls of life and relationships. Because of this, each of these tender and vulnerable songs comes from a fearless place in which there's a willingness to risk your heart and soul for the sake of love and a determination to not settle for the shell of an existence. Although the spare, emotive compositions might suggest fragility to some, attentive listeners will discover a songwriter with great inner strength and the ferocious spirit of a punk rocker rather than a shrinking coffeehouse chanteuse.
- The Westword

"Best Female Singer-Songwriter 2007"

Watching Rachael Pollard perform at Chielle recently was a breathtakingly intimate experience. It was like being serenaded by a hummingbird from a windowsill. Pollard sang with a delicate hush that was barely above a whisper, and at one point, she even played her acoustic with her gloves on. It was almost as though she was afraid of disturbing the neighbors. As it turns out, her words speak loud enough on their own. With candid musings that can be unsettling, whether she's singing about waiting for her period to start or reflecting on the current state of affairs, Pollard's a compelling lyricist -- not to mention a highly imaginative guitarist. But her most bewitching features, by far, are her angelic voice, which is equal parts Cat Power and Joanna Newsom, and the way she phrases her words. - The Westword

"Review- Westword Music Showcase @ The Acoma Center- 6/16/07"

Although I made it to the Acoma Center too late to catch Rachael Pollard’s absolutely beautiful, understated songs, ... (the author missed my set, but still was nice enough to mention me!) - The Westword

"Moovers & Shakers: 2008 Backbeat scribes weigh in on their favorite local releases of the year"

A Good Thing (Self-released). Rachael Pollard is a gifted, thoughtful songwriter and captivating vocalist, with a unique voice and distinctive phrasing that make it easy to overlook her understated yet engaging guitar playing and the alluring poetry of the words she's singing. Good Thing was a long time coming, and definitely worth the wait. — Herrera - westword magazine (online and in a printed free weekly rag)


Live songs, other songs uploaded to Soundcloud

A Good Thing 2008 CD

Frilly Demo 2005 CD

The Quiet Songs 2001 tape



I am a singer songwriter who lives in Denver Colorado, USA. My songs are personal, quiet, and sometimes political. I love Joni Mitchell and The Cure. The acoustic guitar and my voice are usually all you will get at my live shows. I sometimes duet with a friend on banjo, or trumpet, or a snare drum played with brushes. I have one song that my friend plays her cello alongside.

Describing the music is hard for anyone -- but I guess I'd say mine is an attempt to capture a mood, in an organic way. It isn't traditional folk, but I do have a southern lilt picked up from a childhood raised in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I try to make my songs sound like alternative, classical, pop, avaunt garde pieces. Each should be taken as a separate story, but my CD does have a definite cohesiveness when the songs are played in the order I in which I put them. One of my songs is only 10 seconds long. Most of my songs go for about 3 and 1/2 minutes.

I am also a mother to two, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a student, a writer, and a retired roller derby player, pivot position. I hold an associates degree in English and am working toward a BA in Psychology and minoring in Gerontology.

Local music rag, The Westword, has honored me with an award for best female singer-songwriter of the year. My debut cd, A Good Thing, got some nice reviews in The Westword, The Onion, and The Denver Post. Online, I have a lot of loyal fans. Online sites like Denver Syntax and I am Fuel, We Are Friends have been kind to my album. I have had the pleasure of playing local college radio (Boulder 1190 a.m.) and local radio (Denver 88.5 f.m.) spots, once broadcasting live from inside a van camped at a local music festival where I also played two gigs. Most of my shows have been well-received and well-attended. I play bars, coffee houses, bookstores, festivals, and for such events as art gallery openings, comic book debut parties, house shows, and on local cable access t.v. spots(Denver Open Media).

Local musicians have been my greatest influence. There is something in Denver that brings forth the prettiest melodies and the deepest lyrics. You should come to Denver to get a picture of the land and a piece of the sound! I am proud to say that I believe I have influenced the talent around here as well; for several local musicians have covered my songs (Ian Cooke, Doo Crowder of Pee-Pee, and Roger Green). My dream is to have that happen more often. I love to hear my songs played by other people, interpreted and continued. It makes me glad.

I love music. It is a part of me. I am lucky that I can sing and play the guitar, and for the loving community that takes this small gift and loves it and loves me for the giving of it.

Here is a link to a youtube of me singing live at the Denver Post Underground Music Festival (ums.com) It is my cover of Nine Inch Nails "Down in it"