Rachael Stark

Rachael Stark

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I am young country. I love touching people through my music. My love is performing, whether 100 people or 100,000 people.


Hi! My name is Rachael Stark. I was born and raised in California, but at heart I'm a country girl. My roots go back to the sticks of Louisiana where my grandfather picked cotton as a child and grew up on his guitar singing country music...his brother also took a love for country and had a 1 hit in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1960s...I guess that's where I get my love for country. I started singing at a young age and I remember my grandfather playing and singing the great country classics as the whole family gathered around...I wish he could see me sing the same songs today, but I'm sure he's watching over us. My middle name is very unique... it's WILDEE. I was named after my great grandmother who was full blooded Native American (which makes me a quarter :)) I have recently began writing my own music...it's amazing how a song can capture so many emotions. If you take a listen, you'll know exactly what was going through my mind...and hopefully relate! I am the typical girl next door with a crazy dream. I am anxious to see what life has to offer.

Set List

Flat on the Floor
This one's for the girls
Before he cheats
Taking a Turn
Don't Forget to Remember me
Broken Wing
Should've Said No
So Small
Last Name
Gunpowder & lead
Just a dream
Jesus take the wheel
Taking A Turn
Independence day
I believe
Love Story
Wild horses
Picture to burn
There You'll Be
Concrete Angel
There is No Arizona
All American Girl
It's Your Love
I hope you dance
Black Horse and A Cherry Tree
Gypsy Lounge