Rachael Teixeira

Rachael Teixeira


Powerful and evocative vocals, creative lyricism, rousing instrumentation-That’s right, Rachael Teixeira is here, going against the mainstream to provide satiation for the listeners thirst for honest, down-to-earth soul music. She is a pioneer and a prophet who is ready to be unleashed on the world.


Rachael Teixeira's musical journey began from a young age as she grew up watching her musical family weave music magic around the hip-hop & blues scene. Discovering that she herself had a powerful natural gift, she began honing her craft throughout highschool, competing in jazz competitions, winning talent shows,stunning audiences with her booming voice and collecting awards and honors along the way (National Choral Excellence Award, Junior Arrion Award, Lionel Hampton Solosist award for 2000, 2001 and 2002.) She began singing in bars and clubs with a blues band (Easy Company) at the tender age of 18. At 19, she begin her career as a songwriter, soon filling notebooks full of original material covering a wide scope of subjects including female vanity, disastrous dates, death, love and stalking cute boys. Her songwriting is intensely personal at times, coming from a deep wellspring of life experiences, such as her stint as a world traveler and the loss of her husband after a long battle with Leukemia when she was 22.

“I am currently making music in Seattle, which isn't exactly a friendly town for Soul artists such as myself. It has been an uphill battle to garner the respect of the alternative and indie-rock scene that saturates the market here, but I hope that someday Seattle will become known for its Soul music. Until then, I will continue to plow the field for the artists to come.” Says Teixeira. It appears that her “someday” has arrived.

Her fresh take on music, prolific songwriting and powerhouse voice has started to take root and garner the respect and attention from a wide range of audiences around the Northwest. Teixeira has fronted an acoustic duo, two original bands (Precious Troy, Teixeira) a cover band (Ifso Facto) and has operated as a solo artist. In the Spring of 2008, Teixeira signed with Soundmind Records, and is currently in the process of recording her debut album that is to be released in the fall of 2009. "I am really excited about this album. I have been collaborating with a few fantastic musicians such as Jake Sand, Matt Smokovich (Smoke of Oldominion) and DJ Nickels. It's going to be an eclectic sound, stretching the boundaries of soul to include overtones of jazz, rock, hip-hop, trip-hop, pop & world music." Rachael states.

"Rachael has a fresh, young energy, juxtaposed with a wisdom and depth that few posess in today's music scene." -Whitney Minor of WAPT.


English Disco

Written By: Rachael Teixeira

He's got a fancy suit and shiny shoes
that never fail to take him to higher places
He always goes where he wants to go and never leaves a moment wasted
He's got things to do and people to see, and they all wait in line for a moment of his time and they all wait patiently
while he builds his throne to sit in alone, he must control everything around him
He doesn't need no one
He can buy his love
Never moments of
Longing for something better

I whisper in his ear
But he never listens to me
How can I free him if
He already thinks he is free
I keep trying to find him
In a moment where he needs me
Must I take it all away
Before he turns his heart my way?

He looks to the left and to the right as he walks into the bar
And they all stop and stare, leave their freinds where they are
They all fight for his attention
And he gives them what they want for a moment
But at the end of the day
As he replays
Empty conversations
He feel nothing

I whisper in his ear
But he never listens to me
How can I free him if
He already thinks he is free
I keep trying to find him
In a moment where he needs me
Must I take it all away
Before he turns his heart my way?

Grab him by the shoulders and give him a shake
Trying to make
Him see my face
But he always, always, always
looks the other way


Written By: Rachael Teixeira

Darkness settles in
And I don't know where I'm going
What a strange place
I don't recognize a single face

And my courage fails
Why didn't someone tell
Me not to go alone
Never go alone

And where do I go
to find the right road
I am weary from this load
and all I want to do is find a way
To come back home

I make my bed on the frozen
And I try not to look around
This fear debilitates
And the silence, it penetrates

And there's no one to blame
For how I ended up this way
Should have never gone alone
Never gone alone

And be still my soul
You've got so far to go
Even though you were wrong
Maybe someday you can find a way to come back home

Who's gonna find me now?
Who's gonna rescue me?
Will I ever find my way
Back home

Set List

Oh Lordy
We Can't Be Friends
Walk on By
English Disco
Slow Jam
The Bad Date Song
End of the Road
These Foolish Things
Save Me
The Stalker Song
Walk on by
English Disco
Slow Jam
Dies Irae

Capable of playing 1-2 hours