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"Nashville's top music critic reviews Rachael Warwick - Twice"

Warwick’s claim to fame is that she’s the only British country artist who charted in the U.S. this year. Her Anglo-Americana album shows why she deserves the distinction. This hardcore country wailer is better than efforts by most major-label babes. She showcased in the Big Apple during the CMA festivities and was also in the spotlight at last summer’s CMA Music Festival downtown. This train is rollin,’ so get on board.

—“Sensational” doesn’t do this justice. As if the dreamy melody and gorgeous production weren’t enough, she sings like a goddess. Rachael’s debut is a six-song sampler featuring this single. By the sound of it, this Brit diva belongs on a major label.

- Robert K Oermann - MusicRow Nashville

"BBC Radio 2"

"Pioneering Brit Rachael Warwick is paving the way for British artists in Country music...........It is so refreshing to find a British artist who has the nous, the determination and the ability to get into the thick of the country music business. This girl knows what she wants, and I reckon she's going to get it"

I was amazed of two things : Rachael's beauty and the quality of the production/arrangements. Ok, all is not pure country music, but it is music of high quality. Rachael's vocal is all her own.

Radio Lyon 1 - France - Jaques Dufour;
Sensual, powerful and that allows her to be brilliant in pop/rock and in country. Rachael deserves to be a star. Maybe in both worlds (pop and country). She owns all the good ingredients.
I am a European CMA reporter Jacques Dufour - Radio Lyon 1 - France
- Nick Barraclough

"Country meets soft rock idiom"

Country meets soft rock idiom. “Anglo-Americana” is a good name because that’s what Rachael represents. Quality vocals and musicianship.

Rachael Warwick's performance was vibrant and dynamic. If she was from the US she would be in the Keith Urban & Gretchen Wilson Gang.
Up Country - Marilyn Davies - Southern Country -Su Mcarthy

"Review of Swiss Festival performance"

It was my first viewing of Rachael and I was very impressed with her professional show and vibrant appearance. The crowd loved her.

Beautiful Rachael Warwick is a bright star, through not pure country, her voice, her performance and personality are quite a vision not to be missed. - CMRU - UK

"Devastating Voice"

Rachael Warwick, for it is she, has a devastating voice full of attitude and sass (perhaps the legacy of her time fronting a punk band), the ability to write A+ country songs, and let’s be frank, the good looks that are a pre-requisite for success in Nashville. Her music has a rockier and grittier edge than you might expect, notably on “Cowboy” and “Thank You”., but throughout the album you sense someone who knows what they want and how to get it. Elsewhere there are numerous tracks that have the potential to be serious hits.

The sound may be a bit mainstream for some, but she has the voice and the songs, so what’s not to like? Without wishing to be jingoistic, it’s always a pleasure to hear some home-grown music that can more than hold it’s own with the giants across the water. There’s a bit of evidence of the Nashville machine, notably in the album packaging and the sometimes over-slick production, but equally there’s enough here to suggest that she has both the nous and the balls (if you’ll pardon the expression) to make her own way and succeed on her own terms. www.rachaelwarwick.com

- Americana UK - Jeremy Searle

"Striking UK pop country artist"

“Rachael Warwick a striking UK pop country artist who rests somewhere between Shania Twain and Casey Chambers and bears an uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie”

Music News Nashville
Warwick’s got an impressive voice, powerful and throaty. Sometimes she sounds like a ’67 Chevy on the starting line at the drag strip, revving her engine. And when she lets off the brake and floors it, it’s just fun to hear where she goes. Rachael is modern country without sounding too pop; old-school country without sounding dated; and an Angelina Jolie look-alike—which shouldn’t matter but who are we kidding, it does. She’s two steps away from being the opening act for the next Big & Rich tour. That’s not a bad idea, by the way ….. Review by Lori Shropshire - Nashville Rage

"An extraordinary artist..."

Quote from Jrène Küng, Artists & Media of JWE Jungfrau World Events;

Rachael Warwick is an extraordinary artist.
We consider Anglo Americana a great album.
Rachael Warwick performed at Europe's largest Trucker & Country-Festival, here in Interlaken Switzerland and took the audience by storm......
Jrène Küng, Artists & Media
JWE Jungfrau World Events

Quote from Georges Carrier – President & booker of the Country Rendez Vous Festival in Craponne Sur Arzon - France;

“English native Rachael Warwick showed the folks in France how true British-style country music is done and done right, as she and her band made their appearance at my festival, the Country Rendez-Vous Festival in Craponne on July 30th 2006. She performed for over 7,500 country music fans (she was joined on the bill by Cory Morrow, the Greencards, Mark Chesnutt, Jon Randall, Pete Anderson, Moot Davis, John Arthur Martinez and more).
She received two encores and the crowd adored her up. I could not have made a better European choice and am pretty sure that exposing her to so many French and other European fans will mark definitely the beginning of something big for the best and most charming Country music artist in the UK”

Quote from Chris Jackson – Owner & booker of the Americana International Festival – UK

She has the looks, the voice, the stage presence and the charisma, as well as being an excellent songwriter. Her powerful, expressive voice just blew me away. This stunning young Brit simply blew the audience away on her debut performance in 2005, that’s why she’s back is 2006!

- Quotes from bookers/event organisers

"The Diva & the Beatles of Country!"

Extract of review of The International Music Box Country Shows in Poissy, at the Moliere Theatre
“Diva Warwick and her Beatles of Country”
The International Music Box Country Show in Poissy, at the Moliere Theatre, immortalized an historical moment. Playing "new country", Rachael Warwick and her band New Jack Union, moved everybody at the show.
The " Diva" and her " country music Beatles " gave us a show hard to put into words... you had to be there….These English people are goldsmiths, masters of the performance….. The "Diva" sang, from the lowest note of the octave to the top of it, her mike at 50 centimetres from her smile.
The two guitar players in leather black hats were dancing acrobats, the acoustic rhythm player who also played harmonica reminded me of a guy named Lennon, the bass player built like a rugby man and the baby faced drummer with long stiff hair, stiff as his drumsticks, are as good as the Beatles, the New Country Rock Beatles. It’s now done; Warwick has brought Pop to Country. In two gigs, at night and in matinee, the public, madly standing in ovation, were enthralled. Review by Gilles Dobbelaere

More reviews from the same show;

CountryMusic France - Editor Jack;

Rachael Warwick & New Jack Union - What a show!
The English girl and her band, in smashing form, won on this night, my personal award. In Poissy theatre with perfect acoustics, Rachael's voice and New Jack Union's musicians instruments really put me on my ass! Rachael had a voice as pure as crystal and around her, her fabulous musicians from New Jack Union made a circle of magical notes with guitars duels between Sly and Shiny. What a great feeling to be here so close to see the smiles that they gave each other. Concentrating on each note to give to the public their best. These guys are better and better and Rachael now can go higher and higher. Two encores and the crowd wanted more... They did not want to let her go. What a show!

MusiqueFranco - Jean Claude Vasseur

I was astounded by her talent, the strength of her voice which obliges her to sing far from the mike, her ability to move on stage, her kindness and simplicity to the public. She even made the effort to speak French.

- France 2 - Gilles Dobbelaere

"One of the finest bands in Years"

Rachael Warwick and her band, New Jack Union, tore the place apart, delivering a scorching performance of such intensity and fire that you feared for the paint on the walls….Still young enough to have an engaging naivety about them, and to enjoy every moment they spend on stage, Warwick & New Jack Union are one of the finest bands I have seen in many a year……..With a hint of Pat Benatar in the vocals and delivery, and power to spare, she burns enough energy to light up not merely The Musician, but the rest of Leicester as well. …..If anyone can capture the hearts and minds of the “I hate country” brigade then it’s this cool and classy crew. If Rachael Warwick & New Jack Union aren’t the future of British country music then they damn well should be. - Americana UK - Jeremy Searle


"Anglo Americana" award winning debut album
One last look at love
Ask me no questions
Highway 109
Thank You
Excuse Me
Rodeo Man

Anglo Americana - "Album of the year" Award Winner at the UK Country Radio Awards 2006. A country rock pop driven album, featuring some of Nashville's finest musicians and produced by industry veteran Mark Moffatt.

Limited edition 6 track EP featuring tracks from "Anglo Americana"

Rachael is currently working on her new album.



Born in the UK, this diminutive diva didn't, in fact, consider singing until she was 13. 'Dad took me to Nashville and it was a real eye-opener, what struck me most was that with Country music all the songs told a story. In England, there didn't seem to be much music that did that.'

Struck by the heartfelt tales of Country stars like Dolly Parton and Billie Jo Spears, the wide-eyed Rachael dove enthusiastically into her first studio session - paying $10 to record You Were Always On My Mind (made famous by Elvis, of course) at Barbara Mandrell's pay-as-you-go studio in a Nashville theme park.

Back in the UK, lack of musical support at school frustrated the teenager, so she decided to do something about it: 'I had a real urge to be on stage, so I spoke to my drama teacher to see if we could put on a musical.' Accordingly, the school staged their first-ever musical, Grease, with Rachael playing Rizzo - and, thanks to her, musicals became part of the school's annual itinerary after that.

After leaving school and undaunted by budget restraints, the resourceful Warwick spent the next few years swapping time in a local studio. Rachael would sing backing vocals for visiting bands in exchange for studio time for her own material.
Rachael formed her own touring band, Hype (not to be confused with U2’s previous moniker, The Hype) in 1996. They toured for about a year, until Rachael decided it was time for a musical diversification, so she stripped the songs back to basics – just vocals and acoustic guitar and began playing low-key but packed out gigs in friends cellars. She made her own acoustic EP that sold enough copies – 700 self burnt CD’s hawked round her gigs – to finance a trip to Nashville. That, after all, was where the flame had first been lit, so that was where Rachael evidently needed to be.

Nashville warmed instantly to Rachael’s distinctive voice and unique style . In particular, producer Mark Moffatt – who, apart from working with INXS and the Finn brothers, was also a keen country fan (having worked with Australia's answer to Bryan Adams, country boy Keith Urban) – was so impressed with the honest, unfettered sound that came out of the CD that he took her under his wing, and put her straight into Nashville’s legendary Emerald Studios with illustrious country singer/actress Reba McEntire's band, the resulting session was a spontaneous success, gleaning six songs in just hours.

Wisely at this stage, perhaps, The Impressive Records label was formed around Rachael and, in September 2004, her debut single, Mistake, was released, launching her right into the heart of the invincible country market. It was an unprecedented success for this British ‘outsider’. The single shot up to No 17 in the Texas Music Chart, 47 in the Music Row Chart in Nashville, 14 in the MPAK chart and spent Christmas 2004 topping the European CMA chart …and that’s just to name a few.

Rachael supported the single with gigs in the US, whipping up a storm wherever she played. 'She sings like a goddess, this Brit Diva belongs on a major label...', reported Robert K Oermann (Music Row) of this spellbinding young lady, and The Telegraph has praised her as ‘a diminutive figure emboldened with feisty energy’.

Following the single, the full six tracks recorded with Reba McEntire’s band were released as an EP entitled Maverick, and Highway 109 was released as the 2nd single charting at number 33 in the Texas chart and Number 1 in the British Independent chart.
Review after review throughout the established country media (and some mainstream magazines), Rachael has received not a shred of negative press, either in the US or the UK. She’s been featured favourably in Music Row, Radio & Records, Maverick Magazine, Country Routes, Southern Country, Up Country, CMDS, Country Music People, The Stage and Country Music Switzerland and been interviewed by countless US and UK DJs… No mean feat for a small, feisty English lass to be so heartily embraced by the biggest music industry market in the world.

During the Country Radio Seminar 2005, Rachael returned to Nashville and immersed herself in Masterfonics Studios, again with Mark Moffatt, to record nine new tracks for a full album, this time enlisting the help of George Marinelli on guitar, (Bonnie Raitt, Faith Hill, Dixie Chicks), Bruce Bouton on steel (Keith Urban, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks) as well as McEntire’s band. The album titled “Anglo Americana” is nationally distributed in the UK . Although ten of the songs are her own, two have been penned by other songwriters. Most notably, one of those songs, (One Last Look At Love), was written by Mark Moffatt, Jon Robbin (Chris Cagles # 1 "I Breathe In")and Alex Call (Huey Lewis' "Power of Love, and Tommy Tutine's 8675309). The other is (Rodeo Man) written by Nashville hitmakers Amy Mayo and Marv Green (Lonestar's "Amazed").

Feted in the US – where she was asked by the all-powerful CMA to host an