Rachel Morgan Perry

Rachel Morgan Perry

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Everything Musical. Everything Whimsical. Everything Hopeful. Rachel Morgan Perry's music will leave listeners with a sparkle in their eyes.


In the wide world of musical genres, you never know what to expect when you hear a new artist who is just beginning to emerge on the popular music scene. With female solo artist, Rachel Morgan Perry, that's actually half the fun.

This talented 23 year-old rising pop/pop country act is turning heads and ears across the country and around the world. She brings to the stage a full band or an acoustic set (depending on the venue) and, most of all she brings a celebration! She delivers a "party within a party" with a "style within a style!" Some might call her sweet country. Others would compare her to Shania Twain meets Dolly Parton. Others say she is Katy Perry and Colbie Caillat spun together with a country twist!

Whatever tag you find yourself attaching to her, one thing you will call her is GOOD! Her music is happy, thought provoking, deep, challenging, and, at times, even a throw back feel to the 1940s!

When you ask her about her hopes, dreams, and musical goals, her response is, "I knew from the time I was a young girl that singing and writing music was not something I wanted to do. It was something I HAD to do! As much as a human needs food and air, I need a guitar and a song. I don't look at myself as special. I think EVERYONE is special and I am supposed to let them know that through my music."


Free single of the month: "Just Might Love You."
Upcoming album to be released summer 2013.

Set List

Original Fresh Fun Music
Crowd engaging show
Sounds like Jewel, Lenka, Colbie Caillat