Rachel Shortt
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Rachel Shortt

Lakewood, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Lakewood, Ohio, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Solo Folk Acoustic




"Cleveland musician Rachel Shortt live"

“Appearing quite friendly and radiant on the outside it came as a surprise that she calls herself an Angry Chick until delving more into her past and learning that she is more of a multi-layered individual than her outward appearance perceives. The whole "angry" label started as far back as high school for Rachel, who originally is from the newly redeveloped Gordon Square Arts District area of Lakewood. She was always the girl with the guitar and people would ask her, "Do you play that angry chick rock music?" somewhat jokingly, though in person she is not angry at all. After so long the name simply stuck with her, and so she started booking shows under the Angry Chick label ten years ago. Shortt's music acts as an outlet for her feelings and instead of walking around as, in her words, "a woman scorned" she instead releases it through her music and art. She finds many people relate and comment on her songs probably from the idea that "Some people need that outlet and don't have it".” - Jay Yearley

"3 stages bring a host of performers to Cleveland Pride"

“Folk songstress Rachel Shortt is a constant source of joy to anyone who has heard her music. She has been all over the country, but Cleveland is home, and Pride is her heart. Her baby face hides a knowing soul, and it comes out in every one of her songs.” - Anthony Glassman

"Live Quote"

"Wow! I could listen to her smooth, dulcet tones all night long..."
Erika Lauren - WMMS 100.7 The Alan Cox Show - Hard Rock Rising - Erika Lauren


"Reflections of Love"
By Rachel Shortt

Every time you look at me to tell me I'm amazing,

It's only because you see the reflection of yourself in my eyes,

And every time that your hands reach out to show me that you love me,

you don't know it but the way you've touched me,

Changed my life...

(Melodic humming)

You know I meant it when I told you that I wanted the world to know,

You are my heart, my life, my love, my passion, my soul

It may have taken me a little while to put it down in this song

But now that I have found my rhythm, I won't stop until you're singing along

(Melodic Humming)

Now every time that you hear this sound, I hope you can be proud of me

You know that my rhythm is the reflection of my life

Yes, every time that you hear this song,

I hope you can be proud of me,

And know that the words you speak have saved my life

(Melodic Humming)

Yes, every time that you look at me to tell me I'm amazing

It's only because you see the reflection of yourself in my eyes...



Rachel Shortt is a self-taught singer/songwriter. When she is performing, you can hear her heart and soul in perfect harmony through her music. Articulating the full range of human emotion and experience, Rachel makes each performance one of a kind with her unique style of story telling and connection with her audience.

Her provocative lyrics approach poetry in their elegant simplicity and ability to stand alone. With the overlay of Rachelâ₏™s instrumental artistry, her original work provides a bold and universal language for those who seek a sound with passion and purpose. Even when performing a popular cover song she pays homage to the original artist while also offering her own unique flavor, breathing new life into each song she plays.

As a native Clevelander, Rachel performs in both large and small venues alike, from House of Blues and Kent Stage to festivals, cafes & charity events.

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