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Water Falls

Written By: Rachel Alexander

You are the mountain - larger than life.
Strong and unchanging though icy winds force you
And cut like a knife.
You keep your secrets - hidden so well.
Cool and unyielding though inside you burns fires
Hotter than hell.
And in all the history of history - you never fell.

And the only time - that water falls,
Is when it reaches the top of a mountain - hears the call.
Saying go on and give it a try.
You'll never get another chance to fly.
And though you don't know what's on the other side,
There's no choice at all.
When faced with a mountain, water falls.

Verse 2
I am the river - flowing and free.
I'm going somewhere though I'm not sure just where
Somewhere might be.
If I stop for too long, it'll kill me I'm sure.
Movement is my life - change me and I'll be
A river no more.
But changing the course of a river
Is what a mountain is for.

Verse 3
You keep me close to you - take all I can give.
I give you new life - you give me shelter
And reason to live.
Though I keep (on) searching- you're holdin' on fast.
But our world is changing and neither one knows
How long it's gonna last.
I long for the future - and you can't let go of the past.
(Repeat Chorus)