Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin


Music is my life.


I am a singer songwriter origionally from London
My main instrument is the piano
I love all styles of music and I have many influeneces including Queen, Chilli Peppers, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lady GAGA.
I have played lots of venues and festivals and its great seeing people connect with my songs of which I have written literally 100's of. I am following my heart and I want a career in what I love......music!! x


Hold On To Fire

Written By: Rachel Austin

There was a little spark in me
That you pretended not to see
And soon that spark was a flame

The heat is warming on the soul
And your not really in control
Something so wild can't be tamed

When will I learn, fire burns
Tempting to touch, but hurts so much
You can't hold on to fire
You can't hold on to fire
You can't hold on to fire
Hold on to on to on to fire

Almost Beautiful

Written By: Rachel Austin

Why is it in fairytales there always is a happy ending?
Never in a fairytale do you hear of a heart breaking..
Just an everlasting love the kind that is a woken with a kiss
If they wrote a book on us..then baby it would go something like this..

They nearly made it
Could of had it all
Climbed a mountain
Just to fall
Whos to blame now?
its too close to call...but we were almost beautiful


Written By: Rachel Austin

She was practising her perfect routine
I was happy eating icecream and just watching
She would dance infront of people daily
I would just be thinking maybe..i'll start dancing
No one ever new what i was thinking.....
Shes got perfection a flow like a river and each time I see her..
I wish I had the chance to be a ballerina
Shes got direction I wish I could be her but im not a dancer
I never had the chance to be a ballerina