Rachel Bade-McMurphy Quartet

Rachel Bade-McMurphy Quartet


Presenting firmly rooted contemporary jazz and original compositions, The Rachel Bade-McMurphy Quartet combines a traditional vocal delivery and various popular influences with the rhythmic and harmonic turbulence of instrumental post-bop including modal and hard-bop.


With a nostalgic vocal sound reminiscent of Billie Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald and a harmonic and rhythmic concept firmly rooted in the instrumental post-bop music of Wayne Shorter and Bobby Hutcherson, vocalist and saxophonist Rachel Bade-McMurphy takes audiences on a twisting and turning journey that invites them into a world of individual experience. Focusing on the lyric and melody her songs paint vivid pictures and stark expressions that cross genre boundaries into folk, rock, R&B, funk, and other popular forms appropriate for her poetic delivery.

Because of her highly improvisational nature one performance is rarely like another and each day an open canvas waiting to be engaged by her large color palate of tone and expression.

Rachel Bade-McMurphy’s 2008 RBMC JAZZ CD release “The Unspoken� contains 11 original compositions recorded with some of the leading musicians of the Seattle and Pacific Northwest Jazz scene is receiving both national and international radio airplay.

In 2003 and 2004 Rachel received the “Outstanding College Vocal Soprano Soloist� designation at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Moscow, Idaho receiving the honor of performing on the main stage with members of the Lionel Hampton Big Band’s rhythm section. Including Wally “Gator� Watson, Kuni Mikami and Christian Fabian. As a college student at Washington State University she was also chosen to participate in the IAJE Sisters in Jazz mentor program, a designation for up and coming female jazz artists.


Rachel Bade-McMurphy "The Unspoken" 2008 RBMC JAZZ release. Various tracks receiving radio-airplay internationally on college stations and jazz stations.

Rachel Bade (self titled) 2005 self released. Various tracks received radio airplay at local and regional college and jazz stations.

Set List

Typical club set: 3 or 4 hours with appropriate set breaks. Typical concert or main stage setting 60-90 minutes. We perform a variety of material ranging from our own compositions to arrangements of music from The American Songbook and traditional swing to hard bop, and modal jazz to contemporary jazz fused with traditional pop, R&B, classic rock, folk, funk, spoken word and urban grooves.